Let’s leave the judging to the real experts: Bayonne residents. We have compiled a list of your suggestions to mold a list of the Peninsula City’s top eateries. Like, share, and tell us what YOU think.


12) Broadway Diner. Either uptown or downtown, these places rock. Pancakes, waffles, wraps, burgers, beer, wine — the diners in Bayonne have it ALL!
11) Cibao Invita Restaurant is located on 34th Street and Broadway. The food is amazing. Empanadas, plantains, and assorted meats. Unbeatable, now that they have a liquor license. DO RECOMMEND.
10) Looking for some authentic European flavor? Look no further — Mediterraneo Restaurant is where it’s at. The seafood and sangria are the best part of the classic Bayonne establishment…and they won’t break the bank.
9) Italian-American Cuisine at its best. Da Noi, located on Avenue C, has been a hallmark in Bayonne dining for over 15 years. Its sister restaurant sits over the bridge in Staten Island and is equally amazing. Try both, why not?
8) Breakfast, brunch, and lunch with a Turkish twist. This Avenue B gem is one of Bayonne’s best-kept secrets. Check out Cafe Talya and enjoy its namesake omelet and some Turkish coffee. You won’t regret it.
7) In Bayonne, Pizza is a MUST. We recommend Pizza Masters and Pompeii as the two top pizza spots in the Peninsula City. Both located on Broadway, both offering PIZZA TO DIE FOR. Pizza Masters has great dishes, as well. If you crave that old fashioned, eat-on-the-plate slice, Pompeii is the way to go.
6) You cannot have a Bayonne list of eateries without a little dessert. Since 1924, Judicke’s Bakery has been satisfying the sweet tooth of not only Bayonne, but the entire eastern seaboard. This Bayonne wonder is world-famous and is a must-stop for anyone visiting NYC and Bayonne.
5) In the mood for a specialty pizza and a fancy dish? Cafe Bello is the spot to get it. It has a great atmosphere and a superb menu, all for a great price.
4) In the mood for bar food? Great, us too. Bars aren’t exactly an obvious choice for great food, but Lot 13 is an exception to the rule. The menu has some of the best dishes in Bayonne. Also, they have great beer!
3) You won’t find Mexican cuisine like this very many places out of Mexico. El Agila Dorada (The Golden Eagle) is possibly one of the best Mexican Restaurants we’ve ever been to. The Margaritas ain’t half bad, either. That is a joke, they are great. This is a new addition to Broadway and a must-go.
2) You won’t find anything like The Little Food Cafe in Hudson County. The food is unique, the atmosphere is very friendly and the prices are unbeatable. This place is awesome. Try anything on the menu, you’ll like it. The fusion of Americana and traditional is great. Visit The Little Food Cafe for an experience you won’t forget.
1) Bayonne has something that no other town in Hudson County has: a great deli  that represents almost every immigrant class in town. Benanti’s (shown above) has the best Italian sandwiches, cheeses, and assorted meats around. It is just one of many great Bayonne delis. In the mood for potato pancakes? Go to Sawa Deli. Great Potato Salad? 5th Street Deli-ette is your spot. If you’re not a potato person, try the fish at Alex & Terry’s or the lunch specials at Senerchia’s. Warsaw Deli on Broadway has amazing Polish Sausage. Spano’s Deli on Avenue C also has great sandwiches. Need fresh avocados for guacamole or some Mexican spices? Acapulco Grocery & Deli is the best place to get what you need. If you’re in the mood for something different, try St. Mary’s of the Light Deli downtown. Bayonne has the best delis in the state. We wish we could name them all. Check them out — we sure will,  again, and again, and again.


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  1. Where’s Bella Sorellas ..one of the best Italian restaurants in Jersey.. the chef from Sonnys in Jersey City took his act to Bayonne after Sonny passed on to that restarant in the sky…he didn’t miss a beat..you’ll be licking your fingers on the way home once you visit this one..located ..1020..Broadway..Bayonne,NJ

    1. Really? I’ve tried to give Bella Sorellas a chance twice and each time, I left so unsatisfied–especially compared to places like Café Bello/Da Noi and a BIG one missed on this list, Angelina’s! Even Sorrelli’s (sp?) DT is better.

  2. El Agila Dorada has amazing food but the most awful service I have ever experienced. Where is Andrew’s Place? Variety of healthy food and delicious eggplant lasagna. Or Joe’s pizza? Thirteen topping pizza for $23. Or Hendrickson’s corner? Some of the best soup I’ve had and their crab cakes and chicken zinfandel are incredible!

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