St. Louis Rams: Bayonne’s Kenny Britt playing with a chip on his shoulders

By iSportsWeb   Whether its pounding his fist on his chest like Matthew McConaughey did in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street or sitting out in the outfield eating a piece a cake in Coach Jeff Fish’s celebrity softball game, Kenny Britt is a player that the St. Louis Rams fans love to have. […]

This Week’s Games 7/21-7/23

Tuesday,  Jul 21 Sr. Women’s Softball Latina Heat @ Venice Vamps 7:30pm Gorman Field Men’s Outdoor Basketball Gothic Knights @ Orange 7:00pm 16th St. Courts Wisconsin @ Fighting Irish 7:45pm 16th St. Courts Wednesday,  Jul 22 Sr. Women’s Softball Fully Loaded @ Diamonds 7:30pm Gorman Field Men’s Outdoor Basketball Hoosiers @ Red Storm 7:00pm 16th St. Courts Clemson @ Shockers 7:45pm 16th St. Courts Thursday,  Jul 23 Sr. Women’s Softball […]

State Report: Bayonne has least amount of High Performing Teachers in State

By Bayonne Local Bot: Edited by Scott Marlow       According to a new state study, Bayonne teachers have the least amount of  high performing teachers in the state. The study was performed by the State of New Jersey and used data taken directly from New Jersey Public Schools. Many question the study’s methodology. But, the […]