Roof Collapses at City Hall

By Bayonne Local Bot Sources inside City Hall have confirmed that the roof has collapsed causing  tens of thousands of dollars in damage and lost equipment. The collapse occurred yesterday morning destroying computers and flooding the police and fire prevention offices.  “A lot of data and files were lost” said a source who wished to […]

Political Insiders: Teachers Tell Teachers “Sorry, No Contract”

By W. Homer Axford   A couple of things happened this week. The tax increase is real, and it’s looking like 6%, not adding the county tax. So like we said, Bayonne taxpayers are looking at at least a 9% tax increase.  In an attempt to explain the tax increase, our Mayor had some lame […]

Op-Ed: What Happened to all of Davis’ Promises?

By Anthony Zanowic   What happened to the promises the Davis campaign made to us in 2014? Where is the transparency? Where is the fiscal responsibility? What about safer, cleaner streets? None of these promises are being kept, and all of our city’s problems are getting worse. This is a case of mismanagement by our city officials and the blame goes […]

Political Insiders: Davis a Complete Failure as Mayor

By W. Homer Axfrord Well,  if you didn’t hear the bad news, we hate to be the ones who have to inform you.  Like we’ve been saying for months, taxes are going up. Don’t get your hopes up, the tax increase isn’t going to be a 2.9% increase, like Davis said. Davis is leaving out two […]

Political Insiders: Short and Sweet

By W. Homer Axford This was an immensely uneventful week, so this will be short and sweet. At the Council meeting Wednesday, the Council gave out their usual patronage contracts to engineering firms and law firms, so you didn’t miss much there. They, however, failed to mention anything about the City budget. The clock is […]

Political Insiders: More BBOED Scandal, City Sued for Lack of Transparency

By W Homer Axford After claiming that the “City handled OPRA requests properly,” The City of Bayonne has admitted it didn’t handle the OPRA request properly. The City of Bayonne agreed to pay the legal fees of John Paff, the transparency activist that sued for the City’s lack of cooperation in providing OPRA requests. Expect […]