Political Insiders Tuesday Special: The Naughty List 2016

By W. Homer Axford So in case you missed it, the Bayonne Board of Education is conducting a “nationwide search” for a new superintendent. SPOILER ALERT: They aren’t. Dr. Wanko has been chosen to get the job. He is more than qualified and lives in Bayonne, but you know they have to keep up appearances. […]

Political Insiders: Council Bonds Debt-DeMarco Caught in Another Lie

By W. Homer Axford In case you missed it, the City Council voted unanimously to bond the City into over $2.5 million of debt to buy the old Holy Family building for the BEOF. The Council is doing this on the gamble that the BEOF will sell their current properties at the value they appraised […]

PI: Big Apple, Venice, Chris’s Corner close, Davis small business policies have failed

By W. Homer Axford So if you haven’t heard by now, The Big Apple, the Venice, and Chris’s Corner are closing down for good. There is no plan to entice new businesses to replace these icons. Though there is a deal in the works to move a very popular Mexican Restaurant on Broadway into the […]

Political Insiders: 2.2 Million Missing from BBOED budget, Davis Looks for Scapegoat

By W. Homer Axford So, more than 2 million dollars is missing from the Bayonne Board of Education budget. It is really too early to speculate on the 5 Ws in this instance, but that didn’t keep Mayor Davis from doing so. The Mayor went out of his way to leak this information to the […]