Political Insiders: 30, 25 Year Tax Abatements Given out like Candy

By W. Homer Axford   Well, you didn’t need a crystal ball to predict this one. The City Council waited until the final minutes of the council meeting to announce that they would be giving a tax abatement to the developer who is developing the old Resnick’s site…after months of lying to the public in […]

Political Insiders: Tuesday Special, Davis to build “Cat Care Center” on A&P site

By W Homer Axford This isn’t some gag line. As reported this week, the Davis Administration seeks to turn that old A&P site into a Cat Care Facility. Don’t ask us what that means exactly. All we know is that Davis has contracted CME Engineering, a firm that dumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into […]

Political Insiders: AG’s Office Visit’s Board of Education Meeting

By W. Homer Axford This week was an eventful one. Looks like the teachers will get a contract — essentially a two year deal. They strung along Bayonne Teachers Association President Alan D’Angelo over the course of many months, the whole time knowing the Board would have a budget shortfall. What a move. Even we […]

Political Insiders Tuesday Special: New Years 2017

The 2018 Municipal Election is literally 15 months away; here are a few things to be on the look out for this New Year. New Year, New Scams A new “developer” has been chosen to develop Harbor Station South. But, this is more of the same–JMF Properties is a Kate Howard LTD redux. This company […]