Political Insiders: Layoffs Loom at Bayonne Board of Education

By W. Homer Axford This was a relatively slow week, so this will be quick. The Bayonne Board of Education will be following up with its initial round of layoffs with more layoffs at this week’s BBOED meeting. In addition to the layoffs, 8 principals will be returning to the classroom and a few administrators […]

Political Insiders: Tuesday Special, More Problems for Davis

By W. Homer Axford In case you haven’t heard by now, there were two big events in Bayonne this week: most of the City Council voted to gift the Resnick’s project a huge tax abatement (corporate welfare at its best here in Bayonne), and Davis’ nephew quit his job as Chief of Staff. The Jersey […]

Political Insiders: City Council to take on $2.5 Million More in Debt

By W. Homer Axford This isn’t some bad dream. At this week’s meeting, under the direction of the Mayor, the Bayonne City Council will vote in favor of bonding an additional $2.5 million in debt to purchase the old Holy Family building. The credit cards are maxed out, taxes are on the rise, but that […]