Political Insiders: Grandstanding at the Bayonne Board of Education

By W. Homer Axford The jury is in: some of the newly elected trustees at the Bayonne Board of Education are totally and utterly clueless. In case you missed it, they seem to think that grandstanding about small budget issues will somehow solve the large budget issues that the BBOED has. You can read all […]

Political Insiders: Tuesday Special, Davis’ Last Parade

By W. Homer Axford This will be the last St. Patrick’s Day parade with Jimmy Davis as Mayor. Next parade, candidate Jimmy and his City Council will be in the race of their lives. That is a fact. Anyone who tells you differently is either petrified of the upcoming Mayor’s race or is oblivious. Year after […]

Political Insiders: More Tax Abatements on the Horizon

By W. Homer Axford We would like to apologize for a factual error we made last week.  Assemblyman Nicholas Chiaravalloti didn’t bring back an equal amount of funding to the district, he brought back less. Bayonne will be getting about half a million dollars less than it has received in the past from the State […]

Political Insiders: Shuffling at BBOED

By W. Homer Axford The big to-do about the layoffs at the Bayonne Board of Education was yet another political stunt pulled by some Bayonne Board of Education Trustees. The reshuffling of 3 administrators and firing of 2 teachers will save the BBOED an estimated $40,000. But wait, it gets better: that savings of $40,000 […]