By W. Homer Axford 


Davis attempts to usurp union negotiations by suggesting “raises” for teachers 

In another lame attempt to direct attention away from the fact that the teachers are again working without a contract, Mayor Davis suggested that teachers get a “raise” while negotiations were ongoing. This suggestion was promptly rejected by union president Alan D’Angelo.  Someone on the Board of Education told Bayonne Local (off the record) that Mayor Davis was trying to drag blame away from himself when it came to the lack of a contract. Expect these negotiations to go nowhere. The City’s out of control spending has left City Hall deep in the red. Don’t expect raises for anyone without a major tax increase.

BEOF Loses Funding

Since the replacement last summer of Ana Quintela, former BEOF Director, the BEOF has lost a number of high paying state and federal grants. Not because the federal or state money dried up, simply because the new leadership at the BEOF did not submit the proper paperwork to get the grants in the first place. The grants were pretty much free money: the only requirement was that you had to fill out some paperwork, but no one did. To add insult to injury, the grants are given on a hierarchy scale. So if you received a certain grant for 30 years, you get the highest payout. What that means is, when the BEOF reapplies to the grants next year, they go back to step one, with the lowest pay out. We are waiting on the final City budget to be released to compare it to last year, just to see how much the BEOF lost due to this incompetence, but we are hearing the number is in the many hundreds of thousands of dollars. If this story of utter failure by the Davis Administration to perform at a normal level sounds familiar, that is because it is. We broke a similar story of incompetence at the BMUA, when Director Tim Boyle forgot to renew the maintenance contract with the company that maintained the windmill, leading to the windmill to break. The windmill isn’t moving to this day and the City has lost a half a million dollars. 

Mayor Breaking Law with Twitter Handle 

@DavisForBayonne is the Mayor of the City of Bayonne’s Official Twitter Handle. The Mayor’s Twitter Page directs you to his website “” This is a direct violation of state laws that require that political campaigning and official offices be separate entities. Seems like a minor infraction, but it is a testament to the atmosphere of nonchalant attitudes in the Davis Administration when it comes to the rule of law. Let’s see if Davis changes this infraction, or continues to thumb his nose at the taxpayers of New Jersey and Bayonne.

BCB “Pavilion” Can be Found at Lowe’s 

It cost the City upward of a million dollars to build and maintain “The BCB Pavilion” that since has had 1 event with minor attendance.  There are many problems with the facts we just listed, but the most disturbing one is the fact that you can buy the exact same building at the base, prefabricated from Lowe’s or Home Depot, or any other company that sells those types of storage spaces. We also found a cheap one on this website for $28,000 dollars.  So the only question is, who got rich off the circus tent? Why did it cost so much to erect something that 5 guys, some rented equipment, 24 beers and some Bon Jovi could do in a weekend? Really, nearly a million dollars to build and maintain? How much has the City made off of this “venue?” Things that make you go “hmmmm….”


Traffic Nightmare, Still, Well, a Traffic Nightmare 

Joe DeMarco vowed to “call them” about the nightmarish traffic problems in Bayonne. Don’t know who “them” is, but it seems like we are getting the same old story they gave 3 months ago when the claimed to have solved Bayonne’s traffic problems. Like the 2.5 million dollar lie, this is another ploy to blame others for the mess that Davis and DeMarco have created. Their lack of sound decision making and incompetence has led to the traffic nightmare. It is no one’s mistake but their own. They decided to fast track the Turnpike construction project. The whole turnpike project is a dangerous mess. Since the one way street reversal of West 53rd street, there have already been 3 accidents and a child was recently struck by a car. Don’t try to travel the Bayonne Bridge either — it is closed most of the time, and when it is open, the average speed is 10 MPH.  Who is standing up for the taxpayers of Bayonne on these issues?














Infamy, Infamy, Infamy, Infamy

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