By W. Homer Axford

In case you didn’t get one, above is a screen shot of a letter the Mayor sent to Bayonne residents this past week. The letter was the basic blah, blah, blah.  The Mayor is desperately trying to convince Bayonne citizens that he has done something over the past two years. Whether it is trying to claim credit for the hard work of others, like he did this week by making a big to do about a project on Kennedy Boulevard that was started in 2012, or, just plain trying to rewrite history. Mayor Davis’ letter was very funny, but the line that struck us as the most funny was “As a lifelong Bayonne resident, I know there is no better place to raise a family.” Or something.  Davis must have forgotten that he moved to Rahway with his family to raise them there. Only after 10 years did Davis come back and decide he loved Bayonne again. For some reason, he left that part out of the letter. Maybe that 10 years was a blur, like “Dude Where’s My Car,” or something.  Either way, the fact remains Davis has done NOTHING for Bayonne in 2 years. He HAS built a circus tent down at the MOT with a MILLION DOLLARS of taxpayer money. The venue has done 2 events and is set to close in fall of 2016. The level of incompetence at City Hall is amazing.  Davis spent A MILLION DOLLARS of your money to build something that couldn’t even last a year. This project, like Davis’ tenure as Mayor, is a failure. Expect a criminal inquiry into the circus tent and who got rich building it; Bayonne taxpayers deserve nothing less.

Broadway on Life Support

Another popular Broadway icon is closing. Joyce Leslie makes over a dozen Broadway businesses that are closing their doors for good under Davis. Unfortunately for Bayonne taxpayers, this will most likely be another vacant storefront that will cause blight and further bring down property values and raise taxes for the rest of us.  Thank GOD the previous Administration convinced Verizon to take Blockbuster and  St. Barnabas to build a block wide facility on Broadway. At least there will be something to keep those blocks from being totally vacant and maybe help Broadway cling to life. Don’t ask Davis what he has done on Broadway. Or, you can look for yourself: not much happening on the avenue Davis vowed to save. Not many contracts for the teachers Davis vowed to “bring to the table” and treat “with respect.” Anyone noticing a trend here?

Final Thoughts

Not many; it seems like it is the final days for Broadway though. With the lack of quality businesses opening and the pace at which the good ones are closing, the future of Broadway doesn’t look too hot.



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