By Scott Marlow

Bayonne Local has obtained a 20 page complaint that  claims Bayonne City Business Administrator Joe DeMarco inappropriately touched and gave special privileges to female employees of the City of West New York. The complaint was filed by one Lazara Martinez, Ms. Martinez claims she was treated unfairly by superiors due to her gender.

Her main superior was Joe DeMarco. Martinez claims that DeMarco gave raises and other work related benefits to “younger” “sexier” employees of his department at West New York City Hall. Martinez claims that DeMarco gave raises to those who he “flirted” with. Martinez is an graduate of St. Peters University and claims raises were given to employees with even no educational background in finance. Martinez also claims she was pressured into buying fundraiser tickets for now indicted West New York Mayor Felix Roque. Neither DeMarco or the City of Bayonne could be reached for comment.


The Entire Complaint Can be Seen Below:


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