A non-profit organization, the Bayonne Initiative, is claiming that the Mayor has bullied one of their members into “not being seen” in their offices again. (seen below) The comment is being boosted on Facebook.

Sources say that Davis called his aid into his office then lambasted him for volunteering at The Bayonne Initiative. This isn’t the first time Davis has scolded a city hall employee for associating with the non-profit. It was widely reported that Pat O’Brien, a Bayonne firefighter, was also read the riot act for associating with the non-profit in his bid for Assembly. “Davis had a word or two with O’Brien,” sources say. Shortly thereafter,  O’Brien dropped out of the race and endorsed Davis’ chosen candidate for Assembly, Nicholas Chiaravalloti.

The Bayonne Initiative was vital to getting Davis elected last May. But sometime in the past 3 months the Bayonne Initiative fell out of favor with Davis. Sources tell Bayonne Local that “Davis didn’t like that we were helping people out, and not paying him (Davis) the proper respect.” In other words, the Bayonne Initiative was doing volunteer work, like cleaning up the city, and not giving Davis and his administration full credit for the acts. Davis’ aide declined comment and asked that he not be identified in this story, out of “fear for his job.”

The Mayor’s Office could not be reached for comment. In a statement to Bayonne Local, Washington Flores of the Bayonne Initiative said.

“Last week the mayor forced one of our trustees to resign. Today he was order by mayor Davis not to come into the office. The Bayonne Initiative is a 501(c)(4) social and civic organization. We are around to be a hub for the community, a place where they can come in and address their concerns and opinions freely. May 6th at 7pm we are hosting a meeting regarding the bayonne bridge construction. I think it’s a shame that the mayor is resorting to these types of tactics for no good reason. This is not the type of government that Jimmy campaigned on. As far as the bayonne initiative is concerned, we will continue our work within the community. I am appalled by the bully tactics coming out of city hall.”

Although Flores maintains that Rafael Augusto, Davis’s freeholder candidate and BMUA appointee, was not the trustee who resigned, according to the Bayonne Initiative’s Facebook page, Augusto recently stepped down.



Comment posted to Facebook by Bayonne Initiative
Comment posted to Facebook by Bayonne Initiative

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