Bayonne Local has not endorsed any candidate or question, but this is how we call the election for Bayonne….

Cory Booker vs Jeff Bell


Two words, CORY BOOKER. If you need to be told why, Bayonne Local can’t help you.

Albio Sires vs ???

The 5 term Congressman Albio Sires should win being that he has no opponent (Or no known person running)

Ken Kopacz, seen here with running mates Cory Booker and Albio Sires, seeks Bayonne freeholder seat



Freeholder Race

Bayonne Local Believes Ken Kopacz will easily win in his first bid for Freeholder. Ken Kopacz is a grammar school principal and former teacher. Kopacz has the backing of most local political organizations.













Koch Brothers want NO on Open Space Question

Ballot Question 1

Governor Chris Christie and other powerful New Jersey law makers are backing the movement to reform bail in NJ. We believe that NJ voters will too, this measure should easily pass.





Ballot Question 2

With the backing of the powerful Koch Brothers, the NO should win on this question. The Koch Brothers are billionaires and have dumped a ton of money into New Jersey to make Sure this Open Space Measure does not pass.

Christie and powerful Dems want Bail Reform in NJ
Christie and powerful Dems want Bail Reform in NJ











Ballot question 3

Rent control has been a hot button issue in Bayonne over the past couple of years. Bayonne Local thinks the YES question will win and restore Rent Control to its previous state.


Ballot Question 4

Bayonne Local thinks an elected school board measure should pass. The teacher contract drama isn’t over and teachers and their families’ will be looking for some satisfaction on those who crossed them.

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