By Scott Marlow


The only Bayonne Councilman who listened, respected his constituents and voted for their interests at the council meeting last week was Gary LaPelusa.  LaPelusa, who seemed to not be the independent actor he once was on the council, showed us why he is truly an independent voice for the residents of the third ward.

Our sources in city hall tell us there was immense pressure to get the Resnick’s Deal done at this week’s council meeting. During the council meeting we learned that City Business Administrator Joe DeMarco’s brother is heavily involved with the company doing the project.  It seems the orders came from the top to vote yes on the abatements and final plan for the Reisnick’s project, but LaPelusa voted no.  He voted in the interest of the people he serves, not the bosses at city hall. Unfortunately, LaPelusa’s vote was usurped by Council President Nadrowski, when she realized the measure would  fail.  The vote is now tabled for next months’ council meeting.  We can only wait and see if he will hold is ground next month. He will surely be under tremendous pressure from the council and Mayor Davis to change his mind.


Watch Lapelusa stand up for Bayonne residents 

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