By W. Homer Axford

Did you miss us? Don’t worry, our weekly will be back after the first week of September. This has been a memorable summer down at our Tuckerton estate, and an even more memorable one in Bayonne.

Let’s see, the Mayor and the Council  blew a deal at the MOT, then gave away 18 million of future revenue to fill their current budget, Assemblyman Chiaravalloti made national headlines by trying to ban coffee, the windmill broke AGAIN, crime was out of control, an ex-city employee sued the city for being corrupt, circus animals ran wild at the Alexan… should we keep going? I guess what I’m trying to say is, it has been a bad summer for Davis and company. So bad, we really don’t know where to start this column, so let’s begin with the obvious.

Yeah, so the City did that. They fumbled a deal at the MOT that would develop the long vacant land over a pedestrian bridge. The result was Bayonne taxpayers footing a 15 million dollar hole in their budget (that the Davis Administration should’ve anticipated instead of hiring every crony in Bayonne). They’re shuffling the debt so they can get reelected: Bayonne taxpayers won’t feel the brunt of this in 2018, when their election is…they’ll feel it in the future. How could they do this, you ask? Well, they had a structured settlement, but they needed cash now, so they sold future payments from the Port Authority to a company for 18 million dollars less than they were worth. We know three things: it is confusing, unfortunately, it is legal…and it is a testament to what these people think of the citizens of Bayonne. Jimmy doesn’t care that the budgets of the future will be short, he will just move back to Rahway. The rest of the Council may just be too naive to realize what they have done. Either way, Bayonne taxpayers are screwed royally.

We find it ironic how Davis cried about the Port Authority deal, yet when faced with a crisis he created, he sought and nailed down the worst deal in the history of Bayonne. The hypocrisy and incompetence doesn’t end with these guys, huh?

Assemblyman trying to ban coffee while driving?

Yes, he is. For his coming out party, Assemblyman Chiaravalloti decided to co-sponsor a bill which makes various actions while driving illegal. One of those actions is drinking coffee. No, we aren’t fooling, this guy thought this would be a good idea, hence him co-sponsoring the bill. If there was any indication that government in Bayonne is broken from top to bottom, this is it.

It’s time for a real change, a clean sweep. Bayonne cannot afford any more incompetence and lack of common sense from its elected officials. 2018 is only about 2 years away, but you can get rid of Assemblyman Chiaravalloti early next year, thank GOD.

Council meeting reveals lack of transparency

(Note with the vote to absorb the BMUA, the BMUA is now officially a part of the City of Bayonne. It was previously an autonomous agency.)

In case you missed last week’s Council meeting, we will bring you up to speed. Not only did they sneak by a few more tax abatements for wealthy developers, it was revealed by a citizen that someone who shares the same address as BMUA Director Tim Boyle has been working for the City for quite some time. Boyle was one of Mayor Jimmy Davis’ biggest supporters, and his pay back for his support was a six figure job at the BMUA. More nepotism…but what’s new, right? Well, it seems that private citizen we mentioned before was lied to via an OPRA request from the BMUA. The BMUA was asked to provide a list of all current employees, and this particular employee was not listed. Months later, after hearing that that employee had been transferred to the City of Bayonne Department of Public Works, that same citizen put in another request for current employees and records of Bayonne DPW employees. That request showed that the employee did in fact previously work at the BMUA and shared the same address as the BMUA director Tim Boyle. Lying or deliberately trying to keep information from the public opens up the City of Bayonne to more lawsuits from private citizens, like the one they recently lost for trying to withhold information about a BPD incident. Many questions remain regarding this rapidly unfolding story. Why would the BMUA try to cover up more nepotism? They’ve never had a problem disclosing information about other friends and family of the director and Mayor Davis who have been hired. Look for this story to yield more information in coming months. This story could have MAJOR implications for the coming 2018 election. Stay tuned.


Leonard sues City, claims corruption and other offenses

Ex-Davis lieutenant and City employee P.J. Leonard is suing the City for retaliation. Leonard claims that the City took extreme steps to prove he used foul language, or  “cursed,” at work. Seems a little ridiculous to us, too. It seems the City hired some hotshot attorneys on your dime to go after Leonard. Leonard also states that he was moved out of City Hall to Hook Road after exposing corruption at a Council meeting (see above). Among other things, Leonard claims he saw City Administrator Joe DeMarco illegally take cash donations during the 2014 municipal election from an engineering firm who now has a contract with the City of Bayonne. This ain’t going away, and neither is Leonard.

Circus animals run amok at the circus tent and at Cafe Bello

Jimmy’s circus tent, well, hosted a circus this summer. Some of the naughty animals got free and made it as far as the Alexan. There is no confirmation of what animals escaped. But we’d like to imagine that a giraffe and an elephant got loose and ran around for a little bit before being herded back to their cages.

Jimmy Davis’ circus tent has been an immense failure. It was built on your dime, despite what Joe from Bernardsville says, and has not produced the promised benefits for the City. That is simply because it was another way for Davis and DeMarco to funnel taxpayer money to their pals. They never cared about any benefits to the taxpayers, they just wanted another avenue to pay patronage. So, it’s no surprise that the circus tent will be taken down after this summer. What a blatant and obvious scam… Bayonne taxpayers should be furious.

Another circus orchestrated by the Mayor played out at Cafe Bello last week. According to many witnesses, the Mayor and a few of his chums got into an altercation at Cafe Bello, the Mayor and his friends were escorted out when police were called. Not only is Bayonne experiencing a crime wave, our own Mayor is contributing to it by stretching the already burdened BPD by having them respond to his antics.

We’re back next week, stay tuned…..


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