Political Insiders: Davis to Attempt Coup of BTA Union President D’Angelo Tonight

By W. Homer Axford It has been an eventful week. A letter went out to Bayonne teachers last week asking for a no confidence vote of Alan D’Angelo. The letter was signed by Bayonne teacher William Blanchard, but was drafted, written, and edited by no other than Joe DeMarco, Denis Wilbeck, and Mike Lawandy — […]

Political Insiders: The Big Bad B-Word

By W. Homer Axford Well, it has been another bad week for Davis and company. The Bayonne Teachers Association protested during most of the Bayonne Public School Open House Events this week and the City of Bayonne took further steps to bond you into further debt. Crime is out of control and the powers that be […]

Political Insiders: Davis Fails to Win School Board Seats Again

By W. Homer Axford  Well, Election Day has come and gone. Maybe you got what you were looking for — Jimmy Davis certainly didn’t. Once again, in one loud voice, the citizens of Bayonne told Jimmy NO! If you were really paying attention, you would see that this is a devastating loss for Jimmy Davis. […]

Political Insiders: Davis Seeks to Put County Social Services Building in Holy Family

By W. Homer Axford Two major stories are emerging out of City Hall, but don’t expect the media to pick up on them until after the election. One is for the City to bond more debt — that’s right, more on top of the millions of dollars it already doesn’t have– in order to buy […]

Political Insiders: Election Day Looms

By W. Homer Axford This was another slow week so this will be brief. Residents seeking to stop the monstrous building from being built on their street were told they wouldn’t be able to stop the developer from moving forward due to them filing their lawsuit too late. Too bad it had to come to […]

Political Insiders: Power Fading Fast

By W. Homer Axford Let’s get right down to business: we are about three weeks out from Election Day and Mayor Davis has told at least 6 school board candidates that he is supporting them “behind the scenes.” You know who you are, and you’ve been lied to. The fact of the matter is Mayor […]

Political Insiders: Tuesday Special

By W. Homer Axford Today, we catch you up on what you missed over the holiday weekend. Teachers are still haggling with City Hall over their contract — looks like three members of the BBOED went up to City Hall to meet with Joe DeMarco. We won’t mention their names for now, but what they did borders illegal and […]

Political Insiders: October Arrives, Teachers Contract Negotiations Stall

W. Homer Axford Slow week, so this will be very brief. The fallout from last week’s City Council meeting has been pretty epic. City Hall has been scrambling to cover up its tracks as it pertains to all that was exposed at the Council meeting. DeMarco has instructed all department heads to go into full coverup […]

Political Insiders: Another School Year, Still No Contract for Bayonne Teachers

By W. Homer Axford For the second straight year, Bayonne teachers will start the year off without a contract. It seems Davis and D’Angelo, the Bayonne Teachers Association President, have a different opinion of what has been going on behind the scenes as it pertains to negotiating a new contract. Davis claims that negotiations have “nothing to […]

Political Insiders: City on Brink of State Takeover

By W. Homer Axford  So, looks like City Hall is in a bit of a jam. Unfortunately for us, it means we are all in a jam, too. Turns out, contrary to what Mayor Davis was saying about us “being fine,” we ain’t fine at all. According to our sources in City Hall, they haven’t […]