Political Insiders: Davis Recall Picks Up Steam

By W. Homer Axford   This was a slow week, so this will be brief.  From what we are hearing from our political operatives out on the streets, the recall petitioners aren’t having any problems getting people to sign, and they’re also picking up support from allies out of town. Davis has made some enemies […]

Political Insiders: Bayonne in Dire Straits, Criminal Investigation Underway in Bayonne

By W. Homer Axford Well, it has been a pretty eventful week. First and foremost, New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Officials were in town late last week to gather information about alleged illegal cash hand offs that occurred during Davis’s 2014 run for Mayor. City Hall employee P.J. Leonard (seen below) confirmed what was long […]

Political Insiders: Teachers Tell Teachers “Sorry, No Contract”

By W. Homer Axford   A couple of things happened this week. The tax increase is real, and it’s looking like 6%, not adding the county tax. So like we said, Bayonne taxpayers are looking at at least a 9% tax increase.  In an attempt to explain the tax increase, our Mayor had some lame […]

Political Insiders: Davis a Complete Failure as Mayor

By W. Homer Axfrord Well,  if you didn’t hear the bad news, we hate to be the ones who have to inform you.  Like we’ve been saying for months, taxes are going up. Don’t get your hopes up, the tax increase isn’t going to be a 2.9% increase, like Davis said. Davis is leaving out two […]

Political Insiders: More BBOED Scandal, City Sued for Lack of Transparency

By W Homer Axford After claiming that the “City handled OPRA requests properly,” The City of Bayonne has admitted it didn’t handle the OPRA request properly. The City of Bayonne agreed to pay the legal fees of John Paff, the transparency activist that sued for the City’s lack of cooperation in providing OPRA requests. Expect […]

Political Insiders: Bayonne High School Cheating Scandal?

By W Homer Axford  This week leaves us with plenty to catch up on. First of all, Mayor Davis spoke at length about “infrastructure” projects that he had zero influence in getting done, and that have close to zero net benefits for Bayonne residents. Only headaches.  At an event for unions, Davis boasted about The […]

Bayonne Still Lagging Rest of County/State in School Funding

By Bayonne Local Bot   According to state projections Bayonne will once again be one of the most underfunded school districts in the state.  Governor Christie’s Office released the projected numbers for school funding this week. Per student, Bayonne remains one of the lowest recipients of aid in the state. Mayor Davis vowed to bring […]

Political Insiders: Promotions Galore

By  W. Homer Axford The weather is changing, but the laissez faire attitude towards spending at City Hall isn’t. There are a ton of promotions and raises in the pipeline.  As of now, there will be 7 new floating captains on the fire department at about a cost of $125K a pop.  The BPD now has […]

Political Insiders: Davis Hijacks Accomplishments of the Past

By W. Homer Axford   If you were paying attention to the local media this week, you would think that Bayonne is now the new Short Hills of Hudson County. Hudson County TV — you know, the website Mayor Davis pays tens of thousand of dollars in “advertising” fees to?  Yeah, them — they ran a “story” claiming that […]

Transparency Mayoral Candidate Sued for Being Anti-Transparency Mayor

 By W. Homer Axford In case you missed it, the City of Bayonne was sued this week for keeping public information from the public. A private citizen named John Paff is suing the City for denying his Open Public Records requests. Other local Bayonne residents have also been denied Open Public Records requests from City Hall […]