By Scott Marlow, Bayonne Local


Mayor James Davis said an elected school board would be his top priority once elected, and repeated this sentiment again after he was elected. He also promised the Bayonne Teachers Union that an elected school board would ensure them a contract. Yet after the first City Council meeting, the teachers do not have a contract and the school board is still not an elected one.  It is possible that the council is tabling the question for next month’s meeting, yet no council member or the Mayor could be reached for comment.



Note: According to New Jersey State law, the City Council can adopt a resolution to change from an appointed school board to an elected school board.

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  1. Mr. Marlow, the only way to get a response from a council person, it first you have to contact their offices at city hall. I know for a fact that you didn’t call the cit council members at their office.

    I guarantee if you contact the council office anyone of them maybe even all of them will return your call.

    1. Mrs. Lapelusa. It is easy to figure out that you are using a fake name when the email contact you use is Why do you feel the need to post under a fake name? Can your husband table the school board question at the next meeting? I will ask Scott what number he called. He wouldn’t write that unless someone didn’t get back to him in time for his deadline.

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