Bayonne’s Community Development Program has funds available for home repairs. This program is made possible by the federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) that Bayonne receives each year. Under the terms of the program, an income-qualified homeowner, whose house in need of repairs, may be eligible to receive a deferred loan. This is a zero interest loan that does not require repayment until there is a transfer of the title on the property. A one-time loan is available for owner-occupied one- or two-family homes to assist with specific home repairs or activities that eliminate conditions detrimental to the safety and the health of the residents. In order to be eligible for inclusion in this home repair project of the Community Development Program, the home of the applicant must be located in Bayonne. Currently, there is no waiting list for this home repair program

Each applicant’s household income must meet the current income guidelines issued by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). During the qualifying process, applicants will be asked to provide documents that will determine household income eligibility. HUD offers a chart that shows the figures that define “low,” “very low,” and “extremely low” income levels. The dollar amounts vary in each category according to the number of persons in the family applying for the program. Each of these categories is established by HUD. “Low” income ranges from $42,150 for a one-person household to $79,400 for an eight-person family.  “Very low” income ranges from $26,350 for a one-person household to $49,650 for an eight-person family. “Extremely low” income ranges from $15,800 for a one-person household to $40,090 for an eight-person family.

Several different types of repairs are eligible. Eligible repairs will be determined by a building inspector, not the homeowner. Eligible repairs include, but are not limited to, the following:

– Repairs to the electrical system when there is a threat to health or safety

– Repairs to the heating system when there is no heat or inadequate heat

– Repairs to plumbing systems, hot water heaters, and access to the water supply

– Repair or replacement of windows, when glass is missing, broken, cracked, or when the window framing is rotten

– Faulty roofs, including leaks, structurally unsound, unsafe, or open to the elements

– Repair to doors that do not open and shut properly, and repairs to hardware, including locks, that do not function properly or securely

– Bathroom: replacement of sinks and toilets when fixtures are leaking, cracked, or inoperable

– Repair or replacement of the tub or shower when current surface is damaged or poses an unsafe condition

– Kitchen: Repair sinks and faucets when leaking or damaged

– Faulty porches and steps that present a safety risk

– Repair or replacement of flooring when conditions present a possible hazard

– Lead-based paint testing

– Installation or replacement of fire alarms/smoke detectors when none is present, when existing units are inoperable, or more than ten years old

Applications for the program are available on the Community Development page of the City of Bayonne’s website, Paper versions of the application are available from the Community Development Office in Room 29 at City Hall, which is located at 630 Avenue C. For more information by phone, please call 201-858-6085.

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