The Bayonne Community Development Block Grant Program is offering applications for $5,000 housing rehabilitation grants.  The funding would enable qualified homeowners to improve their homes, making use of combined funds from the federal HOME Program and Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG). Mayor Davis said, “This grant program offers qualified homeowners the opportunity to renovate their homes.  Upgrading local homes is great for their owners and for our community.  I urge homeowners to see whether they might qualify for this outstanding program.”

The rehabilitation grants would be valid for either one year or as long as the grant budget lasts. According to Executive Director Samantha Howard of the Bayonne Community Development Block Grant Program, eligible rehabilitation proposals that are above $5,000 may be also eligible for loans of up to $15,000.  Ms. Howard said, “By combining grants and loans, homeowners would be able to make bigger improvements in their properties.  We would be happy to discuss the possibilities for combined grant and loan packages with eligible applicants.”

The Community Development Block Program will consider applications for new cases filed after September 1, 2015.  The office cannot reopen old cases.  The application form for the grant program is available on the City of Bayonne’s website.  Applicants will need to provide information on such items as household members, income, mortgages, deeds, and property taxes.

The Bayonne Community Development Block Grant Program operates now out of the Bayonne Economic Opportunity Foundation (BEOF) office. The contact person for the grant program is Ashley Lambert.  Her telephone number at the BEOF is 201-437-7222.  Completed applications can be dropped off at the BEOF building at 555 Kennedy Boulevard in Bayonne.

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