Concerned Resident Peter Franco is once again drawing attention for a video he released.  The video is critical of Assembly Candidate Nick Chiaravalloti. The video questions the ex-BLRA head on his handling of the MOT under then Mayor Joseph Doria.  To view the entire video click the still shot above. Or Click here


Still from Doria and Chiaravalloti firm website




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  1. Why isn’t the mayor making home owners and store owners responsible for cleaning there properties. Also why aren’t people with dogs being fined for not picking up dog droppings the city could make big bucks if they handed out tickets like they are suppose to. Come on Mr. Mayor get the job done Bayonne looks like sh-t.lets get on the ball

  2. Well I don’t sit in the Mayors seat and I don’t use the desks that are used by the Mayor or the employees, but I do know that the seafoam green color in the offices needs to go!

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