By Scott Marlow

With the appointing of two new board members last night, Mayor Jimmy Davis has officially taken control of the Bayonne Board of Education. With his two hand picked appointments, Ray Greaves and Mary Jane Desmond, Davis now has enough votes to control all Board of Education matters.

After a 2014 campaign that promised to bring change to not only our city but to the Board of Education, it seems like what we are getting is just more of the same. Davis’ questionable picks are both former city council members and both previously served on the school board of estimate, each were voted out of office for their own questionable decision making.

During her tenure on the Bayonne city council Mary Jane Desmond spearheaded, along with Mayor Joseph Doria, a deal to bring a solid waste transport system through Bayonne.  After losing her re-election bid in 2002, Desmond was appointed deputy county clerk under then clerk Javier Inclan.  Former Councilman Ray Greaves was defeated by former third ward councilman Gary Lapelusa in a rematch of their epic 2010 battle.  Desmond was an architect of the Davis victory over the Smith Team which included Greaves, but as politics makes for strange bedfellows, Greaves has apparently formed an alliance with the Mayor Davis and his team.

Either way, it seems like the Board of Education will have to wait until the next election to get the real change that was promised to the taxpayers of Bayonne.

Ray Greaves
Mary Jane Desmond


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