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On the heels of an announcement that a new 1200 unit rental property will be built at the old Texaco site, Alexan City View will be sold to three separate companies. Sources at Alexan City View have told Bayonne Local that the Alexan property “isn’t renting very well.”  The City Council will vote on a resolution allowing sale of the complex at tonight’s council meeting.

Lack of communication from the City of Bayonne? 

The city council will meet tonight at 7PM, the agenda for the meeting was just released today. There was no mention of the sale in any of the local publications or communications from the City of Bayonne on the sale. Many residents we spoke with via a Facebook message expressed concern with the lack of communication from the city about the sale.

Services not great to begin with?

Alexan City View experienced a rash of burglaries last year.   “It’s only gonna get worse,” said Jennine Huff, a resident of the complex. “I would’ve gone to the council meeting to speak, but this is the first we are hearing of this,” Huff added. Huff and other residents claim they were not told of the sale. “I’ve had to deal with Unfinished hallways, intermittently working garage gate, unsecured grounds, non-locking stairways. Multiple burglaries, assaults (including sexual assault) and forced entries. Untamed false fire alarms (biweekly). Poor billing procedures, incorrect billing statements. Don’t let these fools fool you. Packed with disrespectful and inconsiderate tenants. Poorly maintained grounds and gym equipment. Maintenance requests and gas leak reports go unattended,”  Said Matt P. another resident of Alexan City View.  “I don’t expect it to get better when it’s sold,” Matt then told us via a Yelp message. “Stay away from this place at all costs. I will start by saying that they’ve had a fire alarm problem for YEARS and they just don’t care.” Said Rocio C via a Yelp review.  “5.5 years living here and I was very pleased. Of all the office staff, the newest, Peggy Crowley, was an exceptional Property Manager,” Said Meg Z, via a Yelp Review. All yelp review’s can be seen here.

Assembly Candidate and former BLRA Chief Nicholas Chiaravalloti oversaw the development of Alexan City View under Joe Doria. The complex has been in existence for about 10 years.  Mayor Davis’ office, Nicholas Chiaravalloti nor The City of Bayonne could be reached for comment.

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