Special to Bayonne Local by Ed Wisbow

Just as they begin to circle the wagons in response to heightened calls from the Bayonne community for the administration of Mayor James Davis to comply with the City of Bayonne’s long standing residency ordinance, the administration is being rocked by another shocking revelation: The administration’s top managers, many of whom live out of town, aren’t working full time.

One city hall veteran reports that “They’re never here.”

A quick review of the City’s Financial Disclosure Statements, available on line, reveals that City Business Administrator and Bernardsville resident Joe DeMarco holds a lucrative second job as a hearing officer for a huge car insurance company, a position that requires he take every Thursday off to attend to his duties outside of Bayonne. City Law Director and Oceanport resident John Coffee also has a very active private law practice. He, too, takes off one day each week while drawing a healthy full time salary and benefits. And Municipal Service Director and Jersey City Resident Rob “Wondo” Wondolowski maintains a very active real estate practice in Hoboken. Ironically, Davis has charged the amiable real estate executive with managing the city’s redevelopment projects clearly creating a huge conflict of interest. Denizens of city hall’s second floor report that Public Safety Director, Robert “Red” Kubert is seldom in the building and that most police business is conducted at night at a certain local tavern.

Local community activists, who have mounted an online petition drive to compel Davis to comply with the 1981 Residency rule, were shocked to learn that the out-of-towners don’t put in a regular, full-time work week. “This only serves to add insult to injury,” said one. “Sadly, it’s the Bayonne people who lose.” In a recent article in the local press, Mr. Wondolowski thumbed his nose at the Bayonne regulation saying, “I live 75 feet from Bayonne.”

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