By Scott Marlow

After days of negotiations between the teachers union and the board of education, Mayor Jimmy Davis announced today that Alan D’Angelo, Bayonne Teacher’s Education Association president, has rejected a five-year contract with $1.5 million of new dollars in incentives for teachers.

“My administration worked with the board of education to find additional funding and, as a result, they offered the teachers union president a five-year contract with new money and new incentives for teachers and he’s outright rejected it,” said Mayor Jimmy Davis.  “We’ve moved the needle on money for teachers and the term of the contract and the union president is telling us ‘no’.”

“We’re less than half a million dollars apart in the negotiation process and the teachers union has left the bargaining table,” said Mayor Davis.  “The teachers union president is being completely unreasonable and is putting his own ego above the needs of his members.”

“If the union doesn’t approve this contract, every teachers’ take home pay is going to go down due to increased healthcare costs – but we can prevent that by approving this contract,” said Mayor Davis.  “By result, teachers would receive they’re long, overdue retro pay.”

Teachers Union President Allen D’Angelo tells a different account.  According to D’Angelo, Davis is offering. “The same deal this union turned down multiple times.”  D’Angelo said. “They have not done anything to move this forward.”

Sources inside the BOED, tell Bayonne Local, that the deal offered to the teachers last year was actually better than this one.

Davis stated during his campaign for mayor he would “find the money and audit city hall and the BOED.”  Said audit’s have not been confirmed by city hall.

Either way, the teachers will start off the new school year without a contract and Mayor Davis has broken yet another major campaign promise in his early months as mayor.

How long do you think before people start yelling, “recall, recall, recall?”

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  1. What Mr. Davis is not telling you is that this is the same contract that Mayor Smith offered. 0% for the first year-no movement on the steps-25% retro 1st year-50% 2nd & 3rd year and 100% the last year. We are into our 5th year(July 1, 2014) . The teachers put Mr.Davis in that office. We believed him when he said “I will make sure you get a fair contract”. Why can’t we get the same deals as the police and firemen/women?

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