By W. Homer Axford 

So, in case you  missed it, this week Mayor Davis announced he would grow City Hall.  He is taking the City from 4 departments to 5.  There are a few possible reasons why Davis is doing this almost two years into his term — usually, this type of move follows an election. One reason for this move is that Davis can’t hire someone to replace Wondolowski because investigators are sniffing around City Hall. (As you may remember, Wondolowski resigned mysteriously last month.) The other reason is that two people wanted Wondo’s job, so Davis is making an extra department to justify an extra job. Either way, this is bad for Bayonne taxpayers.  The “restructuring” of City departments with no layoffs can only mean one thing: more money being thrown out the window. As you may have noticed, we have mentioned in the past that Bayonne is in dire financial straits. “Restructuring” City Hall isn’t solving the problems that Bayonne faces. In any event, it is safe to say this move is another attempt to distract Bayonne taxpayers from the cold hard fact that Davis nor his Administration have done anything to help Bayonne. That includes not showing any restraint when it comes to their out of control spending, not lowering taxes, not revitalizing Broadway, and not telling the truth to Bayonne taxpayers.

Assemblyman Checks In

Assemblyman Nick Chiaravalloti took his oath of office last week. It will be interesting to see just whose drum Chiaravalloti will march to — Davis’s or Doria’s? We guess the upcoming months will solve that riddle for us. We will see just what bills Chiaravalloti puts on the floor, and just who they make rich. It is always easy to connect the dots when you approach Trenton politics in that manner. We are also anxious to see if any additional school funding will make its way to Bayonne — after all,  Chiaravalloti’s whole campaign was based on the promise of “more school funding.” We hope Chiaravalloti can fulfill more campaign promises than Davis has thus far. Davis has fulfilled one — he built that circus tent down at the MOT — we are pretty sure he said Bayonne needed an “amphitheater” but we will give him a pass on that one.  So,  Chiaravalloti needs to fulfill two campaign promises. He better get started.


Time for Federal Investigators to Look at Windmill Situation 

First we were told the windmill would be working by October, then December. Well, it’s the middle of January and the windmill still isn’t working.  Millions of taxpayer dollars were spent on the windmill and it was paying dividends… until Jimmy Davis took over Bayonne and appointed Pat Boyle to run the BMUA. Boyle lacked the experience and management skills to oversee such a large city organization. The result of this poor appointment was mismanagement of the windmill’s maintenance contract,which essentially led to it breaking.  This is  a major problem for two reasons. One, the City of Bayonne is out about a million dollars in energy rebates due to the windmill not spinning. Two, if someone isn’t held responsible for this outstanding example of incompetence, then the system simply doesn’t work.  Since the Davis Administration has no desire to, we think it is time for federal investigators to look into what happened at the BMUA and hold someone accountable. It is about time that someone saved face for the citizens of Bayonne.


Final Thoughts 

The City approved a payment to CME Associates of over $500,000 last Council meeting. Do they sound familiar? They are the same company that City Hall Employee P.J. Leonard said he witnessed give an envelope full of money to Joe DeMarco during the last municipal campaign.  Nice payback, 5K for 500k…. We guess CME will be expected to dole out big time for Davis’s re-election campaign. So will Bayonne taxpayers. Two years people.


BTW, Who thinks the circus tent will last another year????




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