By Scott Marlow

Documents obtained by Bayonne Local show that Mayor Davis spent $5500 dollars on new hard wood floors for the mayors office. Sources inside city hall suggest that the floors were installed purely for ” decor.” and not necessity. Sources inside city hall have also confirmed that Mayor Davis bought new furniture for his offices and the entire building, Bayonne Local is awaiting OPRA request to confirm the price of these purchases.

This comes just weeks after Mayor Davis and City Business Administrator Joe DeMarco announced that there would be a tax increase this year. Sources inside city hall say it is likely there will be a major increase this year or next. The mayors office could not be reached for comment.

Receipt shows floors installed in the mayos office



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  1. Why doesn’t the Mayor worry about cleaning up our streets and giving tickets to people who don’t clean up after there dogs? The streets are filthy and he doesn’t care.start giving tickets, the city can make a lot of money instead of raising our taxes.

    1. I agree…I have NEVER seen so much litter anywhere…it is DISGUSTING. We need a few Police Officers walking the beat to catch those littering and ticket them…ancillary income…I have lived all over the country and this is the worst litter I have ever seen. Another thing…when my company has rough times they cut salaries vs losing jobs and ride the rough time til it passes…maybe instead of raising taxes the $18 million+ in salaries should seriously be looked at!!!!

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