The Division of Recreation will host a series of Minds In Motion LLC Workshops. Workshops are open to Bayonne residents, boys and girls, ages 6-12. All workshops will take place at the Recreation Senior Center, located at 597 Broadway.

You can register in City Hall Room #13.

For more information, contact Pete Amadeo at 201-858-6129 or email BAYONNEREC@AOL.COM.

Minds In Motion LLC will conduct all workshops.

Saturday, November 22- 10am to 6pm

Build and take home your very own Solar Space Fleet! The Solar Space Fleet Kit is an innovative solar powered science kit that can transform into seven different lunar modules. Using your own mini solar panel, watch as direct sunlight brings the kits to life! Come and create seven different working models including a Space Station, Robot, Rover, Vehicle, Astronaut, Shuttle, and Dog. Watch as it moves around and speeds up or slows down depending on the intensity of light as you learn, experiment, and have fun with solar power! Each complete model can also be powered by your very own mini rechargeable battery. Working in small groups, students will also free build and be able to put their skills and imagination to the test!

Saturday, November 29 – 10am to 2pm

Come experience an exciting and hands-on world of fun as you conduct a variety of scientific experiments! Learn and discover many different
scientific concepts in an entertaining and innovative approach. Make and
take home your very own bouncy ball! Watch a cube magically grow before
your eyes. Make and take home your very own UV Bracelet. Create neat and
colorful designs as you learn all about Chromatography. What’s Chromatography? Come and find out! You will also get to witness some really cool science demonstrations from your instructor. Watch snow being created and feel how cold it is! You could even take home a sample! Watch a really powerful magnet and many other fun and exciting experiments in this
fascinating workshop!

Saturday, December 6 – 10am to 2pm

Come free-build with hundreds of robotic parts, and control your robotic creations using remotes and engines to see who can build the fastest and strongest robot! Working in small groups you will truly be able to put your imagination and skills to the test as your participate in robotic technology. You won’t be able to take these parts home, but will be able to take your creations apart and rebuild them over and over! Be prepared to discuss, test run, and work together with other teammates as you hone your skills to compete in our Minds in Motion robot battles! Each participant will also have a chance to control our new Minds in Motion robotic arm!

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