By Scott Marlow

Two very different accounts are emerging about the incident that some on social media are calling “#IrateGate.” The official story from the Mayor of the City of Bayonne is that “nothing happened,” “no one was dragged,” and that “maybe someone was hit with a rearview mirror.”  Mayor Davis vowed that the person “who is lying” will be “in trouble,” via a vague threat made to the Jersey Journal.

Then, there is everyone else’s account of the events, including officers at the scene who saw the whole thing. WPIX 11 confirmed the accounts that Bayonne Local got from witnesses at the scene late last night through an anonymous police source. Some are saying that a video of the assault also exists. NJ.COM, has also confirmed the story.


Larino, Mayor Davis, NJELEC, and many, many, many, campaign signs 

One theory of a coverup comes from city hall insiders and politicos. The motive is simple: You need campaign signs to win elections. Officer Larino has been in charge of making sure that Mayor Davis and his Council and backed candidates have enough signs to flood the streets and trump the competition. Whether Mayor Davis and his Council and candidates paid for all of those signs or not…now that is a disputed topic.

Sources in the police department point out that as soon as Mayor Davis was elected Mayor, Officer Larino’s suspension was lifted. Some say it was political reward for providing free signs for Mayor Davis’ victory. Sources also say that the “rewards” didn’t end there. Larino’s business, Vital Signs, holds no-bid city contracts with the City of Bayonne and the Bayonne Board of Education.

Our sources have confirmed that there is an active New Jersey Election Law Enforcement investigation into Mayor Davis’ campaign fund. We will report on the details as they emerge.

Larino’s business thanks Mayor Davis for support on it’s Facebook Page after Mayor Davis’ victory.


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