By Scott Marlow


Almost a year to the day of Mayor Davis and his administration taking control of City Hall, NJ ELEC has opened a formal investigation into the Mayor’s finances. In documents obtained by Bayonne Local, as of May 1st NJ ELEC will be looking into key donations to Davis’s campaign.  Davis’s campaign expenditures will also be investigated. “Tons of illegal cash and contributions were flowing to Davis,” said one source who worked on the 2014 Mayoral Campaign and who now works in City Hall. “Who do you think paid for the Peninsula City Tribune?” the source added.

NJELEC chose not to look into contributions to the Davis campaign by a certain 501 c3 organization: the Bayonne Municipal Employees Credit Union.  According to Mayor Davis ELEC reports, the Credit Union made some  hefty contributions to the Mayor’s election fund. NJELEC stated this investigation should be handled by federal authorities and was not in their jurisdiction. Non-profit organizations are forbidden to contribute to political candidates or committees.

This isn’t the first time that the Davis Team has been in trouble for campaign contributions. The Mayor’s official, or unofficial, spokesperson Jeff Mayer was forced to resign as treasurer of Burlington County Democrats for his role in another NJELEC scandal. When asked about Meyer’s role in the Davis Administration at a recent City Council meeting, Council President Nadrowski stated that Meyer was “not on any payroll” and that they were “unaware of any allegations against Meyer.”

The investigation carries serious implications for the future of Mayor Davis. According to their website, if NJELEC finds that the illegal contributions had a significant impact on the election, the Mayor would have to “forfeit his office.”



See Documents Here

Penalties for violating  NJSA 19:44A-1 can be seen here





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