Bayonne has a new contractor that receives the paper, cardboard, cans, and bottles from Bayonne’s curbside recycling pick-ups. At the Bayonne City Council meeting on August 11, the Council Members awarded a contract to Atlantic Coast Fibers, a Passaic-based company, which receives the recycled items that are picked up by Smentkowski (Galaxy), a private carting firm.  Under the contract with Atlantic Coast Fibers, there is a new method of recycling collection and an additional variety of plastic containers that can be recycled.

The City of Bayonne’s contract with Atlantic Coast Fibers allows what is known as “single-stream recycling.”  This system allows all recyclable materials collected (paper, cardboard, cans, bottles, and other plastics) to be mixed in a collection truck.  Smentkowski/Galaxy’s trucks transport the recyclable items to Atlantic Coast Fibers’ materials recovery facility in Passaic. The recyclable materials are separated for reuse at that facility.  As a result of the contract with Atlantic Coast Fibers, the City of Bayonne receives $9.56 per ton of recycled materials.  The new contract expands the types of plastic containers that can be recycled.  For many years, Bayonne residents have been able to recycle plastic containers bearing the numbers 1 and 2.  Now, plastic containers bearing the number 5 can also be recycled. Yoghurt, other dairy products, and additional edible items are often packaged in #5 plastic containers.

During some previous years, Smentkowski/Galaxy, a Jersey City-based firm, served as both the carter and the receiver of recyclable items. Since Atlantic Coast Fibers is located in Passaic, Smentkowski/Galaxy’s trucks need to travel a longer distance to drop off the recyclables before continuing their pick-up routes in Bayonne.  City officials expect the trucks to fill up faster with the addition of #5 plastic containers. That means, the trucks will need to go more frequently to drop off the goods at the recycling facility. As a result, it may take longer for Smentkowski/Galaxy to complete recycling pick-ups than it did in the past.  Mayor Davis said, “In this year’s recycling contract, our goal was to increase the amount of goods that would be recycled.  That is why we asked for #5 plastics to be added to the recycling contract. By removing #5 plastics from regular solid waste, we will save money on tipping fees at landfills, which are expensive.”

City officials asked residents to continue to put out cans/bottles and paper/cardboard separately, so that the recyclable materials are not mistaken for regular garbage, which is picked up by Roselle/Suburban Disposal. Since recyclable items and garbage are picked up by separate companies, the City wishes to avoid any confusion between the materials that are picked up by each carter.

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