By W. Homer Axford

J.J. Avoiding DeMarco Harassment Case?

Its no secret that Bayonne City Administrator Joe DeMarco has been slapped with a sexual harassment lawsuit. It is also no secret why the Jersey Journal doesn’t write negative stories about Mayor Davis’ Administration.  Augie Torres. Torres is the Jersey Journal Political Insider and the Bayonne editor at the newspaper.  Torres is very close with DeMarco, many believe Torres introduced Davis and DeMarco way back when Jimmy was announcing he was “the guy” for Bayonne Mayor.  The J.J. is already a poor excuse for a news outlet, but this is a new low.  The bad news, for DeMarco and Davis, is that Torres was canned by the Jersey Journal recently. I guess websites like Bayonne Local are too costly to keep up with. So, in a way, the universe corrects itself once again. The J.J. will probably become more fair and balanced when it comes to covering Bayonne in the future.  Oh yeah,  and good luck in your future endeavors Augie!

Happy 50th Ray

Former Councilman Ray Greaves celebrated his 50th birthday last week. When asked why it wasn’t at Ray’s favorite eatery, Club Med,  Greaves didn’t have an answer for those whom attended. Sources tell us, owners of the popular uptown eatery have had it with Ray and his “friends.”  They referenced an incident that happened a few months back where a certain Athletic Director of Grammar Schools <——-seriously, this is a thing?  And the Mayor’s Chief of Staff got into a fist fight with two patrons. Looks like Ray won’t be  having anymore “celebrations” at Club Med.


Still waiting to hear what happened with the cop on cop assault…………….


Why was Mayor Mark Smith’s nephew hired at the BBOED? Is the windmill running? Will someone be fired if the windmill can’t be fixed? What the F#$% is going on across from the new fire house at the MOT? It looks like they are building an airport and hanger for Cessna’s… When will city workers get their long deserved contract? When will Davis major plan for revitalizing Broadway kick in? Where are all the stores on Broadway and “restaurant row” we were promised? Where are the lower taxes and cleaner streets we were promised? Any gang arrests?   Questions that keep us up at night……

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