By W. Homer Axford


Council disrespects and lies to public once again

I didn’t think the Council could top their display of disrespect to Bayonne taxpayers in last month’s meeting. I guess they were looking to break a record, because even though it seems they were told to keep their mouths shut by the powers that be, they still managed to belittle residents and ignore the calls for a compromise by the masses. Instead of listening to members of the public last month, the council decided to put the full spin on. They tried to paint the residents of uptown as anti-development hicks. They employed their friends and cronies to speak at the council meeting and heckle people who were against the project.  Mayor Davis also instructed the Bayonne Chamber of Commerce to attack those who wanted a compromise. The truth is that the people of uptown aren’t against development at all. What they are against is a project that is too big for their neighborhood and that skipped every traditional planning and zoning step to cater to the City Business Administrator’s cronies.  We aren’t alone in these claims — Councilman Gary LaPelsua stated all the above facts at the meeting and voted NO. The Council repeatedly lied to residents when asked if the project could be amended. The project could indeed be amended. They also mislead people about the tax abatement the project is sure to get.  Although, I do have a feeling that in 3 years, people won’t forget the way they were treated; the Council’s acts of disrespect won’t go without repercussion.

Oh, by the way, when a resident asked Councilman Perez if he’d want the project in his neighborhood, Perez replied “I’m here to listen, not talk.”  Newsflash Juan, you’re there to answer to the people who elected you. But, don’t worry, you won’t have to deal with those people for long. We aren’t the other towns you were an elected official in, Juan. People here remember when they were crapped on by their elected officials.

Nadrowski acts like a child

After being deemed the “brain trust” of the Council and placed as Council President,  it seems she has believed her own headlines a bit too much: it would appear that Nadrowski is too immature to be the Council President.  Nadrowski instructs members of the public that she is the only one they can speak to, and they can’t speak with their other elected officials on the dais.  She giggles like a school girl when irate residents approach her to express their concerns. Nadrowski then usually berates a citizen with a snide comment that has nothing to do with their questions or comments.  Sharon, this isn’t a joke or a game. This is people’s lives. Their property values and taxes effect their lives. It is fine to have a different perspective on Bayonne’s future than they do, but show them the respect they deserve and act like a God darn public servant and not like a foolish adolescent.

More stores closing

We are hearing that Lowes might close its doors, too. A source has confirmed that Lowes isn’t making the cut in Bayonne and is considering closing down.  This comes with the sad news of last week’s column that W. Kodak Jewelers and Staples will be closing their doors.

Story with Donnel Benjamin Productions 

Who is Donnel Benjamin Productions? Yeah, we asked that, too. They are the people behind that horrible video “Bayonne Happenings,” remember? They will be managing Mayor Davis’ tent, or hanger, or whatever, down by the new fire house at the MOT. Well, if they do the “entertainment venue” like they did that video, we are gonna have more problems.  A few of our readers wondered where they dug these guys up. We cannot find a single thing they have done…… literally, in 2015, you can’t find anything on these guys. It seems that Donnell Benjamin Productions are good friends of City Business Administrator Joe DeMarco… seeing a trend here? The production company will be paying a few grand a month to rent the MOT and a 1% fee on their earnings.


Let’s watch this again, Mayor Jimmy, you’re so crazy…….

Oh yeah, Bayonne Taxpayers, YOU paid for this.









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