By W. Homer Axford

Former Foes meet to discuss the future of the Davis Team

According to a very well-placed source, Former Mayors Joe Doria and Mark Smith met with Assemblyman, I mean let’s just call him that, Nicholas Chiaravalloti, Michael DeMarco (Joe’s Bro) and a few other “money guys” at a popular uptown eatery for lunch last week. We aren’t exactly sure what they were discussing, but it looks like the powers that be have had enough of the Davis Circus and are looking to build a new team. A bit early I would say, but right on time for a recall. Either way, the meeting of the 5 families with Davis not present isn’t a good sign for Jimmy Davis and Company.

Disgraceful showing by the City Council -2

Spoiler Alert: Gullace will surely be strong armed by Davis and DeMarco into voting yes on DeMarco’s brother’s project at the next meeting.

The City Council meeting was a complete joke, and the citizens of Bayonne should be ashamed of their elected officials. They proved that they know even less about serving the public than we thought. People protested until almost midnight against a project in their neighborhoods. Their cries went ignored. Not only that, but they were treated by the Council in the most disrespectful way possible. Sometimes elected officials disagree with their constituents over policy or morality. Not this time. Nadrowski, Cotter, and Gullace disagreed because they were told to by City Administrator Joe DeMarco. Did we mention Joe DeMarco’s brother is on the board of the company doing the project?

Later in the meeting, Cotter stated that people could express their concerns at the Planning Board meeting. Councilman LaPelusa then called Cotter a liar, without calling him a liar, by saying what they do at the Planning Board meeting won’t change anything. Meanwhile, Council President Sharon Nadrowksi repeatedly lied to residents. She stated all the land at the MOT was “gone.”  All this while Davis is erecting the roof of what looks like an Amish barn house across from the new firehouse on City -owned land. The venue, will be a ….venue. Lions, tigers, bears perhaps? We don’t know, because the only plan that exists is the one Mayor Davis referenced during the campaign, “If you build IT, they will come.”  My sources tell me that a pal of Joe DeMarco is  running that site, too — paying about 3 grand a month rent — nice deal, if you can get it. So, according to Nadrowski, 3 grand sounds a lot better than continually-sustaining tax ratables.  There are a few other slots available at the MOT as well. Maybe Nadrowski just didn’t know.  But she must have known when she said they never gave a tax abatement out. Here is a story about a 30-year abatement they gave out in October. Once again, either they think you’re too stupid to remember, or they are lying. Not only did they give this certain developer a tax abatement, here’s why if your interested,  but there is no time table to begin building, so don’t expect shovels in the ground before Davis term is over. LaPelusa did right by his people, Perez couldn’t make the meeting, he’s missed a few so far.

And by the way, whatever happened to that St. Vinnie’s project?

Kiosks Everywhere!! 

If you haven’t noticed, you should. With no code enforcement or zoning enforcement, otherwise illegal businesses have been popping up everywhere. I can only imagine what is going on behind closed doors. Some of our favorites are the multiple junk stores on Broadway and Ave C.  Battery powered electric fans come in really handy in this heat…

photo (1)
Davis Kisosk plan taking hold on Avenue A

Bummer on not doing too hot in this month’s PolitickerNJ Poll of most effective mayors.  26 votes, Jim? Ouch!



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