By W. Homer Axford



What happened to the 11 Million Dollars? 

I’m sure many of you remember the supposed missing 11 million dollars that Mayor Davis and City Business Administrator Joe DeMarco were looking for a few months back. They claimed the evil Bayonne Board of Education crime syndicate had kept the money for their own diabolical plots and schemes.  We wondered for months what had happened to the money, how much our taxes would be raised (3% — to raise about 11 million), or if the City was ever going to get that money back.

<——-Then this happened. BayonneDaySpringLake A photo surfaced of the City Officials and  their past rivals at the Bayonne Board of Education enjoying a nice day out down the shore.  Either way, the  citizens and taxpayers of the City of Bayonne were  played. It seems like the current administration  either is lying or just thinks you are too  dumb to remember what happened a few months  ago.

By the way, congrats to ex-Mayor Mark Smith’s nephew, Neil Carroll III on his new job at the Board of Education.

School Board Wars

Meanwhile, Davis is actively building his team for School Board elections. Once again, his former allies are building their own. Several Bayonne residents who supported Davis for Mayor have pulled petitions for School Board.  According to sources in the Davis camp, they will not have the support of the Mayor. “Look what happened to Altson, Flores, and Desmond, they are out.”  The sources said.  “If these people want the same fate, by all means, run” he added.


Windmill Won’t Spin

“Government was founded on the working premise of being primarily an asylum for ineptitude and indigence.”  — William Faulkner

One of my favorite quotes from Willy F.  BMUA director Tim Boyle seems to like it, too. He tried very hard to make this quote reality when he failed to renew the contract for our windmill maintenance. According to our boys over in the News Department, this is costing the city thousands a month and hundreds a day. But, what would you expect when a crony of the mayor, with no experience, is put in charge of a multi-million dollar department? More incompetent behavior to come is our guess.


P.A.L. No Pal of Davis?

Seems like there has been a brouhaha going on over at the P.A.L. for some time now. Details are sketchy, but according to some, it’s a power play to take over some funds and some missing money. The attempted ouster of P.A.L. director Alphonso “Tutti” Strickland by Davis is only a part of the drama. Whatever the case may be, things at the P.A.L. are in coverup mode. We will keep you posted on the alleged missing funds and details as they emerge.



What ever happened with that? Maybe the same thing that happened to the missing 11 million dollars?

Resnicks Project

Looking for everything you need to know about this project? Bayonne City Business Administrator Joe DeMarco’s brother, Mike DeMarco is the CEO of the company that is to build the project. More money for the DeMarco family, higher taxes for you. Thank you to #SoapBoxBlog for this tidbit.

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  1. Homey you are right on the money quoting W. Faulkner for this bit of ( to put it mildly) mismanagement (or was it?).

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