By W. Homer Axford and Frank Peterson

Brouhaha at Club Med? 

Many witnesses out for a nice meal at Mediterraneo last weekend had a bit of a surprise: a real live fight, right in front of them.  Multiple witnesses are telling the Insiders that new Athletic Director for Bayonne High School, John Calcaterra, and Mayor Davis’s nephew and Chief of Staff, Andrew Casias, got into a verbal, then physical, altercation. Apparently, a verbal spat with a couple (man and woman) got physical when the two City Hall boys were dissed. The restaurant owners locked the door when the roughed-up couple came back with a baseball bat, beating Club Med’s door. The police were then called.  The Political Insiders have filed an Open Public Records Request for the police report…which does exist. We will provide details when we get ’em.

A Couple of Quiet Candidates

At this school board meeting we noticed a few people in the audience whom we hadn’t noticed before: a couple of people in particular who arrived with the Mayor’s Chief of Staff. It had been rumored that these two would run in the upcoming school board election, and recently, it was confirmed that both individuals had taken out petitions: Terence Joynt, a local police officer, and John Metro, a BMUA Commissioner. Arriving with the Mayor’s right hand nephew leads us to believe they are Davis’s choice this election.

While we applaud their desire to step up and serve the people of our city, we’re a little concerned as to why neither of the two had any questions for the board.  Guess this is just training wheels for the big show. Neither have any real political experience. And, according to sources, Joynt “isn’t too bright.”

More than likely, you will see a Davis ticket with a bit of the old, and a bit of the new. And don’t be surprised to see some Smith people on the Davis ticket for school board. Rumor has it, Davis will cut ties with some of his former downtown allies, some of whom have already pulled petitions for school board, without asking the Mayor’s permission.

Davis Polling Already?

Multiple sources are saying that Davis is very nervous about his numbers in Bayonne. With an upcoming School Board Ticket (what, did you think he was going to let all the money at the board go?), Davis is trying to figure out if his name translates to his hand-chosen candidates. Either way, Mayor Davis is very nervous about how the people of Bayonne feel about him. Maybe he knows something we don’t.




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