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Documents obtained by Bayonne Local have revealed that the Bayonne UEZ fund has spent over $16,000 dollars in advertising fees to Hudson County TV. The site is filled with many positive stories about Mayor Davis, but lacks any stories about a recent tax increase. In fact, with headlines like “Mayor Davis To BOE: Come Clean on Missing Funds” and  “Davis Endorsees Chiaravalloti & McKnight” It almost seems like the Bayonne portion of the website is a political advertisement for the Davis Administration. Either way, their reporting seems to be so good, that the city has chosen to invest $16,000 dollars, so far, into advertising on it.

The current banner ad atop Hudson County TV’s website reads. “No more pain with Dr. Roque.” West New York Mayor and Dr; Roque was recently indicted on charges of medical fraud.  Roque has ties to Bayonne Business Administrator Joe DeMarco. DeMarco ran Roque’s successful mayoral campaign in 2011  and was hired by the town of West New York, shortly after.  DeMarco then left West New York and was hired as the BA in Bayonne by Mayor Davis. The city has not responded to our inquires for comment.




To see full documents click here (2 Documents)



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