By W. Homer Axford

So if you haven’t heard by now, The Big Apple, the Venice, and Chris’s Corner are closing down for good. There is no plan to entice new businesses to replace these icons. Though there is a deal in the works to move a very popular Mexican Restaurant on Broadway into the old Big Apple site, that still leaves the problem of yet another empty storefront on Broadway where that restaurant used to stand. Mayor Davis didn’t live up to the campaign promise to revitalize Broadway — the exact opposite is happening. We have yet to see an effort from the Mayor or the Council in three years to do anything about Broadway. When Davis ran, he had grand plans for the failing avenue. (See below) Yet, nearly three years into his term, businesses that made Broadway what it is are closing, Davis is giving million dollar tax abatements to developers, but offering no incentives to small business owners to invest in Bayonne. This is disgraceful. The Mayor and the Council should be ashamed of themselves. Bayonne is far worse off than it was 8 or even 12 years ago, and that is saying a lot.

These folks don’t deserve another 4 years in office. The neglect and disregard for not only the taxpayers but the City in general has gone on far enough. We need a fresh start or there won’t be anything left of the Bayonne we know and love. Four more years of Davis will probably spell even more “going out of business” signs in Bayonne. You don’t have to look very far for the truth, it is staring you right in the face.

Editors note: Victoria TV & Appliance announced today that they will be closing their doors for good.


The Lights are nice, but not worth the price

So, have you noticed the pretty lights on Broadway? Great job, right? Not so great. You know we hate to be Grinch like and all, but when Davis and DeMarco rob you, even when it’s in the spirit of Christmas, we feel obligated to tell you about it. Anyway, everything in City Hall nowadays comes down to how DeMarco and Davis can give out a lucrative contract so they can get a kickback of campaign funds, and the Christmas lights are no different. Instead of contracting a company to come put up rental lights, like most cities do, DeMarco and Davis spent upwards of $50,000 to dress up the dilapidated Broadway for the holidays. They bought the polls and the Christmas lights. These lights will probably be thrown out after one use, as the City has nowhere to store the lights. Even if they do store them, they are light bulbs, how many of yours are still around from last year? This is the ongoing theme with the Davis Administration: spend like there is no tomorrow, we can just raise taxes to cover the difference. Not to mention, sell off future assets at a penalty of $12 million. We will repeat it again, because it is THAT IMPORTANT: Bayonne cannot afford another 4 years of Davis. The City won’t survive it.

Chiaravalloti grandstands to draw attention away from lack of Teachers Contract

A move made by Assemblyman Chiaravalloti was very telling. He called for an audit of the Bayonne Board of Education…which was just audited. Chiaravalloti is trying to draw attention away from two things: 1) for some reason, the elected school board has been a complete and total disaster thus far — call it growing pains, call it whatever you choose, but obviously this thing isn’t going too well. They need to find solutions to the problems the Board has now. 2) Chiaravalloti is trying to find an excuse for Mayor Davis not delivering on a deal for the Bayonne Teachers. Who better to blame than the villains of the past? The only problem with this strategy is that most of them are long gone and the rest have one foot out the door. Not to say the Board has been a model of good government, but is this the type of leadership that you want? One who is constantly looking for a scapegoat? A government who is quick to point the finger and never stands up to offer a solution or a plan to get out of the current predicaments? That isn’t the government we want. Our Assemblyman has a lot of nerve. The City of Bayonne is still reeling from the audits that never happened to him at the BLRA. Our Mayor Promised Audits of the City books on day one (see below), they never happened, but we know you’re not surprised. Davis hasn’t done anything he promised to do. Taxes are out of control, developers are getting million dollar tax breaks, businesses are leaving Bayonne by the dozens, the City is spending money like MC Hammer, Bayonne is in dire straights and the grand plan is to audit the Board of Education the week after it got an audit in order to get a headline. The real reason Davis can’t deliver on  a contract for the teachers is out of control spending and incompetence at City Hall. That is the truth. But, Davis’ next move will be to do what he does best, blame someone else.

Bayonne will have a golden opportunity to right the wrongs that have been done. We are looking forward to the next 18 months. They will be eventful. Hopefully we can save what is left of our City.

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