By W. Homer Axford

So, more than 2 million dollars is missing from the Bayonne Board of Education budget. It is really too early to speculate on the 5 Ws in this instance, but that didn’t keep Mayor Davis from doing so. The Mayor went out of his way to leak this information to the Hudson Reporter and in pure Mayor Davis fashion, a) be as passive aggressive as possible, but most importantly of all, b) blame everyone else. This speaks volumes about the Mayor’s leadership. Instead of waiting until all the facts have been brought out by the State of New Jersey, the Mayor jumped the gun and pointed the finger. Nevertheless, we feel it is a good time to remind everyone that the Mayor has lost more than six times that amount of money for the City of Bayonne by expediting future payments from the Port Authority to fill a $15 million budget crisis he created. What is that saying about throwing stones in a glass house?

Coup of D’Angelo Fails

So the attempted coup against Bayonne Teachers Association president Alan D’Angelo has failed. Bayonne teachers have spoken, and they do not believe the narrative being set by the Davis Administration through the Bayonne Board of Education and splinter factions of teachers in the district.

Generally contract negotiations don’t involve so many hands in the pot. But, there are: board trustees involved themselves in the negotiations, one basically called the union president a liar, and some splinter groups of teachers did the same. At the end of the day, the teachers put their faith in their union president. This is bad news for those trustees, that splinter group of teachers, and Mayor Davis. Those three groups have respectively lost the trust of their colleagues, and a large voter base (generally school board is an off peak election), and as for the Mayor, yet another key group is slipping away, another one of the many who have already left him. Remember the ones who got him here? They are all but gone.

Final Thoughts

Yet another staple of Bayonne is closing — farewell to Chris’s Corner, you were there for us on many nights when the snow was too much to drive. You will be missed!

To pivot off of that: didn’t Jimmy run on saving all the businesses in Bayonne? Big Apple, Chris’s Corner, etc. You can’t have a Restaurants Row when all the restaurants are closing.

What happened to all the kiosks? Hmm… We don’t know, but does Bayonne seem like its getting better or getting worse? Watch the video below, has Jimmy lived up to his promises? You tell us — feel free to leave a comment.


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