By W. Homer Axford


Well, you didn’t need a crystal ball to predict this one. The City Council waited until the final minutes of the council meeting to announce that they would be giving a tax abatement to the developer who is developing the old Resnick’s site…after months of lying to the public in meetings (seen below). When concerns were raised by citizens who live in the vicinity of the project, Council President Sharon Nadrowski said she “didn’t know” if the City of Bayonne would give a tax abatement out for the Resnick’s project, then months later, without any mention of the Resnick’s issue on the agenda, the City announced that they would vote on the item at next month’s meeting. Meanwhile, the City Council played double duty at giving your money to wealthy developers and voted to give a 30 year tax abatement to a developer at the MOT — if you’re interested, you can read about it here. But, this should come as no surprise to anyone; one should assume that every project in Bayonne will be tagged with a nice tax abatement. That is just how Davis and company do business. They are inclined to look out for the big guy, as we have been telling you for quite some time now. Another day goes by in Bayonne, another sneaky move by Mayor Davis and the City Council to make a developer rich off the back of Bayonne taxpayers. Nothing to see here, keep moving.

DeMarco Runs Bayonne

The Hudson County Power List came out this week and arguably one of the most tuned in political minds, Mr. Augie Torres, seems to agree with Bayonne Local that Bernardsville resident Joe DeMarco has the final say on day-to-day operations here in the City of Bayonne — not Mayor Davis. This is disturbing in many ways, for one, why even have an election if an appointee from out of town runs the show? The other reasons are too many to get into, but use your imagination…. Here is an excerpt from Augie’s column: “20. Joe DeMarco – speaking of de facto – is the Bayonne business administrator. He is so much the face of local government that it is easy to see how one can get confused as to who has the last word, DeMarco or the elected mayor, Jimmy Davis.”

Final thoughts

Just one: 14 months to go.

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