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Teachers back to work with no contract

Did we mention that last week? Yeah, we are just wondering where their long term deal is… I guess they will have to wait until after all the gang arrests and “asimulation” is done.  But wait, then there’s the lowering of taxes and the revitalization of Broadway. They might have to wait until that is done. No, the real reason, according to Union President Alan D’Angelo, is that he needs to attend more Davis fundraisers. That’s right. In a meeting with citywide reps from each school, D’Angelo dropped the bomb on teachers. He asked them to pony up $20 bucks a check to go into a fund that he will use to attend Davis events. The first of which is this Fall. Wasn’t the last election about getting politics out of the Board of Education? Wonder what is happening there. When did this become okay? Why aren’t the School Board candidates outraged?

Speaking of the Bayonne Board of Education, the current School Board seems to be in panic mode. They know they have only 2 months to get their bidding done, before the new board is jammed with individual personalities. Michael Masone and Mary Jane Desmond are pushing hires, promotions and raises for their chosen people left and right. The Board is making changes at an unprecedented speed. Starting last week with Mary Jane Desmond promoting her sister, the trend has continued through the early school year with hires, transfers, raises, and promotions throughout the whole district. Looks like the powers-that-be in the Mayor’s Office and at the BBOED aren’t too confident that their puppet candidates will win. It seems they are stripping the future Board’s discretion of employees by shoving hires into the district.

Planning board not so friendly to community involvement 

We loved the article in the JJ about the City Planning Board and their claims that “community involvement is key.” Well, that’s all well and good, but  threatening to have people removed from the meeting by police for speaking out is actually the opposite of that.  Matt Kopko of 8th Street brought up some interesting points about who gets to build what, where.  The Planning Board Chairman then threatened to have Kopko removed for his questioning. I guess the JJ reporter missed that part.

Toast to the double dippers

Congrats to the certain Davis supporter and Purchasing Department City Hall employee who is going out on disability this week. Why congrats? She will get to sit home and collect most of her salary…and her husband was hired this week to replace her. Wait — what? Yeah, two people will be getting paid to do the same job, in the same household! Might be a first, even by Hudson County standards.

You just spent 24k on a propaganda website

By the way, the City spent 24K of taxpayer dollars to advertise on the pro-Davis political website, Hudson County TV.  Joey D’s boys from WNY from way back run the site. So many of you have been asking “why Bayonne Local?” Pepsi needs its Coca-Cola right? The Big Wigs get to use taxpayer dollars to fund a propaganda website, and the people also need to be heard. The world would be imbalanced without us. : ) Bayonne Local is true democracy in action.

Final thoughts

We are still waiting for the grand, grand opening of the circus tent at the MOT. We hope they booked Dumbo. “You will be done seen about everything when you see an elephant fly…” No, but for real, what’s going on down there? Have the Rolling Stones been booked yet? How about REM? No? Nirvana cover band? Any Bayonne musicians?  BHS School Band? Guy with the guitar on Broadway? Ralph Wiggum and his triangle? Sheesh……

Windmill ever gonna spin again? Is it spinning? What is the tally on that? Will anyone be fired for their incompetence? Is Rob Wandolowski still doing private real estate and running city real estate? Is that a crime? How much will taxes raise to fund this guy’s private enterprise? Things that keep us up at night…

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