By W. Homer Axford

Nearly a year and a half into their first term, we have yet to see Davis or his administration do anything worthwhile. The teachers are again without a contract and most of the recent projects, including the Saint Barnabas groundbreaking on Broadway and the resurfacing of Veterans Stadium were done by the previous administration and the Texaco deal was done under Mayor Joe Doria (it took so long due to remediation of the oil soaked land it lays on). Though Davis is quick to take credit for the hard work of others, the reality remains: almost a year and a half later and all we have seen is a tax increase and a tent built at the MOT. Speaking of which, what is going on down there? We’ve seen the guy who complained about nepotism and cronyism make his first act of office to hire his nephew to a high paying job. We’ve seen the guy who cried that taxes were too high raise our taxes by 3% his first year in office. We’ve seen the guy who said he’d save Broadway agree to build a whole new retail zone off Broadway. As a cop and mayoral candidate, Davis claimed there were numerous gangs operating in Bayonne, but have there been any gang arrests? Starting to see a trend? If the Bayonne taxpaying voters aren’t furious, what is it going to take? Another large tax increase? Well, you just might get your wish.

According to our sources in City Hall, the number of employees at City Hall are close to an all-time high. The patronage campaign that Davis, DeMarco, and City Council members are now running will cost way more than their campaign for office.  When they took over, the City was working under a nearly 24 million dollar operating deficit; now, that number is closer to 27 million. The question we are left with is how the Mayor and the Council are going to pay their bills. We hope we are wrong, but we are starting to think they are going to make YOU pay them. The trend of smoke and mirrors can only last so long, and in the next 6 months you will start to see the true colors of this Administration. We really don’t see how it can get any worse.  That’s a rhetorical question, not a challenge, Jim.

D’Angelo and DeMarco meet at Bello

Word has it that School Union Prez Alen D’Angelo met with City Business Administrator Joe DeMarco at Cafe Bello during school hours earlier this week. The topic du jour was the teachers’ contract. Patrons at the bar heard DeMarco saying he wanted to “get the contract done, before those ‘juvenile’ school board candidates got elected.” He didn’t say juvenile, he had less kind words for our school board candidates.  Looks like DeMarco and Davis don’t think he can get a contract for the teachers after the fact. So once again, the ruse of an elected school board is coming to light. DeMarco and Davis are seeking to usurp the power of the polls in favor of their own agenda. The only question that remains is, will they succeed?

Here is a message to the school board candidates: Mayor Davis and his handlers are lying to you. They aren’t secretly helping you. Here is how it works in politics: when a Mayor likes a candidate, he endorses them. He doesn’t tell them, “I’m supporting you” then not mention it publicly. You’re being played. That means he doesn’t want to be associated with you publicly.  So either drop out of the race before you’re embarrassed with a crushing loss, or get off your keister and start campaigning.

Final thoughts

Mayor Davis had a fundraiser last week, and if you are a city employee or a teacher, you better have been there. Word went out last month to all city employees that they must buy a ticket and attend. You may remember from last month’s column that we mentioned how the teachers union president went and asked his members to pony up for the mayor. Well since then, all the city union’s have been asked to do the same.  Seems like bullying, huh?

Is the windmill running yet?  It is windy season. Anyone gonna be held accountable for breaking it?

Has anyone responded to that advertisement we saw in Variety Magazine about renting the awesome entertainment venue that is the weed filled lot and tent at the MOT? Did that sound sarcastic? We are dead serious…

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