By W. Homer Axford

This week was an eventful one. Looks like the teachers will get a contract — essentially a two year deal.

They strung along Bayonne Teachers Association President Alan D’Angelo over the course of many months, the whole time knowing the Board would have a budget shortfall. What a move. Even we didn’t see that one coming. The result is that the teachers will be stuck with a 2-year deal, and they will be back in the same exact situation this summer with way less to show for it than they have ever had in the past. One thing is now clear: no one has less respect for teachers than Jimmy Davis and Joe DeMarco.

You can read all about the deal here.

State Attorney General At Bayonne Board of Ed Meeting

That’s right, there was a special guest at the Bayonne Board of Education Meeting this month, and they were from the State Attorney General’s Office. Turns out a certain school board trustee was taking cash handouts from a certain board administrator. More will come of this in the future. You can watch this video below to learn about how these things go in Bayonne.

Final thoughts

15 months folks, the clock is ticking. Davis’ days in City Hall are surely numbered. The only question is, how much damage can he do while still in office? We suggest you keep fighting him and his administration like you have been doing. Keep showing up to council meetings and keep speaking out. They may seem like they don’t hear you, but trust us, they are shaking in their boots. Until next time.

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