By W. Homer Axford

Bayonne was whacked by an epic snow storm this weekend. The response to the storm was, let’s just say, less than impressive and pretty much down right dangerous. Our sources at the Fire Department told us that fire trucks were getting stuck, and that they are thanking God there wasn’t a fire —  apparently, the Mayor told most DPW personnel (who do the plowing) NOT to come in until 6AM on Sunday, well after the storm was over. Few plows were out on Saturday night. The reason for this is that there’s no one in a leadership role at City Hall living in Bayonne. The City’s Law Director is the Mayor of another town, so he was probably there. The Business Administrator lives in Bedminster. The Mayor’s Chief of Staff, who is also his nephew, lives in Roselle Park.  By the way, all this stuff is illegal — the City Ordinance clearly states that employees of the City of Bayonne must live in town.  But the law hasn’t stopped the Davis Administration before, why would it now? Even the Mayor was absent from the storm. Some people in City Hall and online are saying the Mayor was down at his shore house in Tuckerton shoring his home up from the expected flooding. We can’t confirm this, but we can confirm that he wasn’t at City Hall during the middle of the day, during the apex of the snow storm.   (Photos of Mayors Office and City Hall closed up tight during the storm below). The levels of incompetence at City Hall are multi layered, but they all lead to one common fact: the Mayor is a poor leader.

City Hall locked up tight during storm


Lights out in the Mayor’s Office during the height of the storm.
Another view of the empty Mayor’s Office during the middle of storm day
Avenue C on Sunday


The day after the storm, the city streets were in horrible shape. Avenue C was nearly impassable– the main reason why school was canceled today. (seen above) Many of the side blocks weren’t even touched. We don’t want to hear any excuses, Kennedy Boulevard was immaculate. If the county can keep up, Bayonne should have no problem.

It is apparent that that no one is guarding the store at City Hall. How can taxpayers expect the type of radical change that Bayonne needs to climb out of debt and compete with our neighboring towns when it is clear that no one in charge really cares about the City? Why don’t they care, you ask? Because they don’t live here… it’s that simple.


Davis Admin Official Helps Crooks Loot Broadway Meters 

Yeah, that’s right. Some City residents got caught robbing the meters on Broadway. Funny thing about it was they had the keys to the meters. Under the hot lights of questioning, it came out that a high ranking Davis official gave them the keys, with the promise of splitting the booty with him. As if it weren’t bad enough already, now the Davis Administration is literally stealing the nickels and dimes right out of Bayonne Taxpayers’ pockets! More to come on this one.


Final Thoughts….

Traffic is still a nightmare, and you’d think with all the out of towners running City Hall that they at least would care about that. But, we guess not.

Oh yeah, did anyone see our newly-elected Assemblyman around town during the storm? We sure didn’t. We guess he was down in Trenton getting us that school funding…we are still waiting for it.

What is going on with the circus tent? Any scheduled events coming up this Spring? Taxpayers spent nearly a million dollars building that barn, when will it start to payoff? Windmill still isn’t spinning, that is another million down the tubes, Bayonne is losing money faster than property values are falling. Another day in Bayonne…




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