By W. Homer Axford

It has been a bad week for our Mayor. The big secret that the Mayor and Joe DeMarco have been hiding from the public since the Mayor took office and retired from the BPD has finally been let out into the public. The Mayor’s retirement payout is massive — $168,980.86 to be exact. Why so much, a sane person might ask. Nowhere else in the world do employees leave their jobs with such fat paychecks, especially when they are walking right into another public job that costs the taxpayers an additional $70,000 dollars a year and they are drawing $100,000 plus pension,  but here in Hudson County,  it is common place. Mayor Davis would expect you to believe that he had 1,657 hours of unused vacation time. We guess all those trips down the shore were working vacations. Some might argue that the Mayor earned this time — fair enough, but then why did it take him almost 3 years to release this information to the public? After all, the Mayor’s Office had handed over payout information for other officials to the newspapers, some before they even retired. We think we know the answer to this question. And it isn’t because Davis, DeMarco, Nadrowski and the rest are the most transparent Administration Bayonne has ever seen. It has more to do with this story seen here. The federal authorities are cracking down on fraud, waste and abuse in local police departments. Expect more stories like the one in Jersey City to start popping up closer to home.

Davis tries to flex nonexistent muscles

In Davis’ funniest fail of the week, he attempted to shut down a planned festival that the Bayonne Hispanic Association put on down at 16th street park. Why? Because this certain non-profit refuses to play ball and do what the Mayor wants them to, whatever that is. This has been going on for quite some time, as you may remember from the stories a few years back. The Mayor once again tried to use some arrogant bully tactics to get this cultural group not to have an event that they had planned for all year by denying them permits for the food vendors that they had booked at 16th street park. The Mayor then had City officials tell the event planners that they couldn’t use 16th Street park due to “a lack of city resources.”  Well, the event planners just did the event anyway, and exposed to everyone what we had all suspected: Davis is losing power fast. He even tried to shut down a hot dog stand that was providing hot dogs for festival attendees in the public park (see video below). The brutally honest truth is that Davis and his lackeys are a pathetic excuse for public servants. If this very public and very documented story doesn’t convince you, then nothing will. But, believe us when we say it, the winds of change are coming. Be on the right side of history.

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