By W. Homer Axford

Firstly, we would like to take the time to thank Peter Franco and the #SoapBoxBlog for illustrating last week’s column through video.  What a great and well put together video! It highlights Davis’s first year in office so accurately. Bravo, Pete!

Video can be seen here

Now to business: In a pathetic attempt to shift the blame from himself, Mayor Davis has blamed the previous administration for the delay in the Bayonne Bridge project. No, really, a year and a half into office and this guy won’t accept responsibility for anything. Not the tax increase, not hiring his nephew to the highest post in City Hall, not trying to get pension laws changed so he could collect two salaries, nothing. Davis is going to find out the hard way that people want their elected officials to solve problems, not blame others. Especially after Davis told all the downtown residents that he would fight the Port Authority on the bridge project. He held two meetings, then skipped town for his shore house. Now its the fall, and Jimmy is blaming others for the mess his town is dealing with. We guess we know what to expect for the next 2 and a half years of Jimmy’s term: more incompetence, more lies, and more of a lack of results and accountability.

Davis to Privatize Bayonne Department of Public Works Garage at Hook Road

Our sources are telling us that City Business Administrator Joe DeMarco is bringing some of his pals in to take over municipal fleet maintenance duties.  The City currently employs 40-50 city residents to work on our city vehicles and perform snow plowing operations. DeMarco is in a rush to get this done — every day that goes by is another day that DeMarco’s cronies are not making money; also, this move will surely disrupt the city worker’s contract in some way. Not all is what it seems in the twisted world of smoke and mirrors.

Kopko thorn in Chiaravalloti side

A couple of things happened this week. Assembly Candidate Matt Kopko has been lambasting his opponent Nicholas Chiaravalloti all week. It seems Kopko stumbled onto an old bio of Chiaravalloti’s where Chiaravalloti claims to have attended Harvard JFK’s School of Government.  Well, Nick never did attend Harvard, and as an Ivy League grad himself, Kopko took offense and exposed Nick’s mental lapse of where he attended college.  Kopko also challenged the claim by Chiaravalloti’s website that he is the Executive Director of the Guarini Institute for Government and Leadership at Saint Peter’s University. Kopko claims he called the Institute and they said Nick has been gone for a while now. To add insult to injury, Kopko also dug up some paperwork that shows Chiaravalloti was administratively ineligible to practice law via a memo from the New Jersey State Supreme Court.  Looks like Kopko is a formidable candidate who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. He just has the wrong letter in front of his name for dirty Hudson politics. Win or lose, I’m sure we will be hearing more in the future from this ambitious Bayonne resident.

The memo can be seen here

Oh yeah, this happened….

It was lamer than we all could have imagined. The only ones who expressed even close to a semi-rational thought were Thomas Howard, Joseph Broderick, Mary Jane Desmond, Ava Finnerty, Chris Genes, Barry Kushnir, Dave Solari, Chris Piechocki, and Denis Willbeck. Do what you will with those names — we will vote for some of them. The rest aren’t qualified or educated enough to manage a large budget or deal with the issues the district faces. For most of them, there was little talk of what they would do for children and lots of talk about what they would do for teachers. That is a problem for Bayonne taxpayers.

Final thoughts 

Almost a year and a half has gone by and Jimmy’s venue has finally booked two events!! YAY!!! One, will be called “CopFest.”  No, seriously. But, Jimmy is a former cop, so we guess that makes sense. Never been to a “Copfest,” so can’t tell you if you should bring your kids or not. The other event… you definitely should NOT bring you kids to. Let’s just say, there won’t be a lot of clothing worn in that one. Either way, the City won’t see a penny of revenue, or actually maybe a penny, as the company that runs the venue pays the city about 1% of their earnings and 3 grand a month rent. So if you plan on attending “Copfest” or “Hudson Pride Festival” then you win, lucky citizen. If not, well, you get it. If you are a Bayonne taxpayer, you paid for it.

So, if the Bayonne Bridge Project is delayed, will the Bridge at least be open? Windmill spinning yet? By our tab, the windmill has cost the City about $200,000 so far. Maybe he can blame me for that one — W. Homer Axford, I was the 13th Mayor of Bayonne. If you didn’t know that, now you do.


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  1. There are people on the Board now that have experiences where large budgets and can find 11+ mil they borrowed…so guess experience dont mean squat pal

    Doubt it’ll get posted so why not just come out

    Glad you named so.e Jimmy endorsements! Good job!

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