By W. Homer Axford


The rush is on… This week’s Bayonne Board of Education Meeting agenda is jam-packed with hires and promotions. The Mayor and the BBOED must get in their patronage before the new board members arrive. This is a slap in the face for those who believed in Mayor Davis’ promise of an “elected board.” Now there will be hundreds of thousands of dollars in long term hires and promotions before the elected board can even get a handle on the budgetary problems.

This act is almost criminal. People should show up to this week’s meeting on Tuesday, November 24th, and demand that all hires and promotions be put on hold until the newly elected members arrive. This is yet another example of the Davis Administration trying to game the system: they put on a facade of a school board election, then tried to hijack it. Now that they lost, they are trying to stack the deck before its too late.


Lame Excuses from Council on Stolen Benefits

If you missed the council meeting, you missed a lame attempt by council members Gullace, LaPelsua, and Nadrowski to point the finger at everyone else for them getting illegal health benefits from the city. The state law is simple: it says that if your hours aren’t 35 or above, you don’t get benefits. The Council is arguing that they work 40 hours a week. However, they don’t get paid for 40 hours a week, and they know that. Then why don’t they know they aren’t entitled to benefits? Oh, thats right, they did know. Sources inside City Hall told Bayonne Local that the plan was to just collect the benefits and hope no one notices. Nice try guys. Even if your story about ignorance was right, it says a lot about your intellect and your ability to serve the public.  If you can’t understand the simplest of laws, you can’t be a councilman.

Final Thoughts

It has been a slow week, but the windmill still isn’t spinning. The City will spend 900K on a vacant lot and we still have no idea why. In other news, the Council is still disrespectful and rude to residents. Lastly, your tax bill is still growing from the glut of hiring and patronage contracts that is Bayonne City Hall.


Here is another funny video…….


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