By W. Homer Axford

Well, it has been another bad week for Davis and company. The Bayonne Teachers Association protested during most of the Bayonne Public School Open House Events this week and the City of Bayonne took further steps to bond you into further debt. Crime is out of control and the powers that be live in far away places, so these issues don’t really concern them.

Teachers won’t get contract in 2016

The sad truth about the teachers contract is this: Joe DeMarco is negotiating on behalf of the City of Bayonne, not the Mayor. Joe DeMarco doesn’t live in Bayonne, never had a child in the Bayonne School system, and most likely never will. He has no close friends or family from Bayonne either. There are no repercussions for Joe DeMarco. He doesn’t have to deal with angry teachers at the Stop and Shop, he doesn’t have to hear the stories about teachers leaving the district, he just goes to another zip code each afternoon. And the Mayor wants it this way. Davis couldn’t be bothered with the day to day of City Hall. He’d rather be out doing other things. This is the sad state of affairs that is City Hall. This contract will not be negotiated for the reasons mentioned.

Then there is board trustee Mike Lawandy. This political neophyte is being used by DeMarco as a messenger boy and a mouthpiece for the local papers. We are sure DeMarco promised him that the Davis Administration would support him for another school board term when his term is up, but the truth is this will be the last anyone will hear of Lawandy. He will learn a valuable lesson when all is said and done: Don’t attempt to rescue a drowning victim when you can’t swim, especially when the life guard on duty is standing right next to you.

City to bond more debt to buy Holy Family

Yes, you heard correctly, the B-word is back. That nasty word that got Bayonne into all that trouble in the 2000s. You know, the one that caused Bayonne to see the worst economic downturn in its history? The one that led to raising taxes, declining property values, and a great migration out of Bayonne? You know the word we are talking about. Bonded debt. It would seem that the City Council and the Mayor have forgotten about it this time —  we can see the rest forgetting, they never lived here.

The whole plan does seem odd. If you watched the City Council meeting you’d get the impression that even the City Council doesn’t know what the building will be used for. The official story is it will house the BEOF. But, Holy Family is a sizable building, and the BEOF isn’t a massive operation. The City also mentioned housing the Bayonne PAL and Bayonne Head Start– again places that aren’t so massive and already have homes of their own. Plus, wasn’t there just a huge fuss over the Bayonne PAL being evicted? Now the City is considering moving them? Either way, this deal is a bad one for Bayonne. It reeks of more patronage jobs and contracts to fix and upgrade the long vacant Catholic School. Moving expenses, logistical costs, etc. And the bill isn’t going to Davis’ or Nadrowski’s home, its going on the tax bill. This is a bad idea that Bayonne cannot afford. No more bonded debt — $190 million was enough, Bayonne almost didn’t recover from that. Never again.

Final thoughts

Sad news: another staple of Broadway is closing. Victoria TV and Appliance will be closing its doors for good.

Also, it seems crime is everywhere in Bayonne. Yes, Bayonne is changing, and it isn’t for the better. We need to ask ourselves, is the Davis’ Administration’s plan for Bayonne taking the city down a better path or a worse one? These questions can only be answered by you. Are you happy with what you see in Bayonne? Davis has had almost 3 years to right the ship. Do you think he is succeeding? Or has it gotten worse? 2017 is right around the corner and the next municipal election will be here before you know it, the questions above are ones you should think about moving forward. We certainly will be.




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