By W. Homer Axford 

So, looks like City Hall is in a bit of a jam. Unfortunately for us, it means we are all in a jam, too. Turns out, contrary to what Mayor Davis was saying about us “being fine,” we ain’t fine at all. According to our sources in City Hall, they haven’t even come up with a fraction of the 15 million dollars they need to fill their budget hole. Furthermore, State Officials who are in charge of municipal budgets are threatening a State takeover of Bayonne’s finances. The State will generally do this to stop out of control spending by government officials. This act usually comes with an enormous tax increase.  Needless to say, this is terrible news for taxpayers: if the State takes over Bayonne’s finances, we are doomed. If they don’t… we are still doomed.

Davis is poised to raise taxes himself. In two short years, Davis has taken the City’s fiscal health from bad to miserable. Davis hired over 100 new employees, gave contracts out like they were candy, and hired out-of-towners with no vested interests in Bayonne to oversee our finances.

Davis’ Administration has been a hazard to Bayonne from day one. The act of electing officials with no governmental experience is coming home to bite us taxpayers where the sun don’t shine. Davis is incompetent and the Council, minus Gary, are clueless. The rest of his Administration just don’t care–  they don’t live here. They will suck every penny they can out of Bayonne and just move on to another distressed city, business as usual. Some of them are even mayors of their own cities. Go figure. Hopefully, State Offices have a change of heart and do not take over City finances. But hoping for the financial situation to get better ain’t gonna fix it. Real leadership will.

New School Board Can’t Pass a Budget 

The new school board can’t pass  a budget. That’s it. If you’re interested in this story you can click here and read all about it. 

Davis Mocks Teachers with “Teacher Appreciation” Facebook Post

Either Mayor Davis is mocking teachers or his press people are just plain stupid. In a Facebook post (seen above) Davis said “Nothing we do to improve our children’s education matters without the unyielding commitment of the heroes in the classrooms that report every day and dedicate themselves to opening and nurturing the minds of all of those that sit at the desks before them. Simply put, if you teach in Bayonne, or are a teacher living in Bayonne, we say ‘thank you!'” Now, this is all well and good, but I’m sure Bayonne teachers would like that thank you in the form of a contract. Bad move by Davis, as we are hearing. Bayonne teachers are fuming mad at the Mayor for making promises to them just to get elected. This gaff won’t help the already damaged relationship.

Final Thoughts

The recall petition is up to 5,000 of the 8,000 signatures needed to trigger a recall election. If Davis and company do not come up with the 15 million dollars they lost due to their terrible negotiating skills, the State will take over Bayonne’s finances, and Davis will be a half term Mayor instead of a one termer. Nobody thought it would be this bad this soon, but it is what it is. Either way, two years, or four, Davis cannot recover from the mistakes of the past. Bayonne is ripe for change, the only question is, who will step up to the plate to save her?

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