By W. Homer Axford

This isn’t some bad dream. At this week’s meeting, under the direction of the Mayor, the Bayonne City Council will vote in favor of bonding an additional $2.5 million in debt to purchase the old Holy Family building. The credit cards are maxed out, taxes are on the rise, but that isn’t stopping the City of Bayonne and Mayor Davis from taking the huge gamble of fronting that money in the hopes that they will sell BEOF properties (some for over $330,000 each) to make that money back again. Now, no one has ever lived in these BEOF buildings–they aren’t zoned for residential purposes–so the City would also be assuming that any interested buyer in these properties would be willing to spend lots more money to convert them into habitable domiciles. These properties are located on Kennedy Boulevard and 22nd Street, take a ride by, you tell us if you think the City is getting that money back… But, as we have stated in the past, Davis, DeMarco, and the rest do not care about paying you back or raising your taxes to fill the extra $2.5 million budget hole they just created. They are only concerned with creating new jobs and contractual opportunities for their friends.

The Mayor has run out of jobs to give out at City Hall (over 150 and counting), so now the Administration looks to the BEOF to raid and loot. Why do you think they are purchasing Holy Family, a building almost 3 times the size of, by the BEOF’s own admission, what it needs? Expect a massive operation to be running out of there. You won’t get the details on exactly what until you can’t stop it, of course. So your last chance to speak out against taking on more debt and higher taxes is at this Wednesday’s Council Meeting. Be sure to show up in force to voice your opinion.

Another Tax Abatement to be Given Out

This week’s Council Meeting will be a special one, not only will the City of Bayonne take on more debt, it will forfeit more of your money to a wealthy developer. That’s right, after months of being told “we don’t know if we will do a tax abatement,” you guessed it, they are doing a tax abatement for the Resnick’s property. So, the residents of 48th Street will be getting a building about 4 stories higher than they want, plus their new neighbors won’t be paying their fair share of taxes. Sounds like a great deal for the people of the City of Bayonne. As we have stated in this column, Davis and DeMarco aren’t interested in bringing responsible development that will satisfy everyone, they only want to satisfy the wealthy developers who can wheel money back into their campaign accounts. Speaking of which, here is a link to some extra reading if you have the time. Our first ward Councilman didn’t even bother to save face and wait until the project was done to start shaking one of the principle developers on this project down–he did it beforehand. They said he “did not know” this principle was involved in this development deal. We wonder if he will give the money back? Well, don’t hold your breath. Until next time… 13 more months.





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