By W Homer Axford

After claiming that the “City handled OPRA requests properly,” The City of Bayonne has admitted it didn’t handle the OPRA request properly. The City of Bayonne agreed to pay the legal fees of John Paff, the transparency activist that sued for the City’s lack of cooperation in providing OPRA requests. Expect more lawsuits like this one. Under the direction of Mayor Jimmy Davis and Joe DeMarco, the City’s law department has been told not to answer certain requests from certain individuals. This is the first time in the history of the City of Bayonne that the City has lost a lawsuit for not providing information to the public. So much for “transparency.”

More Scandal at the BBOED

Expect a major story to break this week out of the Bayonne Board of Education. We cannot provide details at this time, but apparently there have been some inappropriate relationships between figures of authority and students at Bayonne High School. This is a very touchy story, so we will just stick to the institutional circus that is the Bayonne Board of Education.  Apparently when they learned of this, instead of calling police, the Bayonne Board of Education decided to conduct their own “investigation” into this matter. They did, and ended up calling police anyway. We cannot even begin to explain how wrong this is. Message to Bayonne Board of Education:  You are non-paid volunteers on a board,  you are not the United States Congress, please leave criminal investigations to the professionals. Who knows what evidence was lost due to this gross overstep of authority. We hope criminal charges are brought against board members who decided they were going to interfere in a criminal investigation. But, from what we are hearing, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Final Thoughts

Well, this week the BMUA announced that the windmill would be fixed in “a day or two.” Well, its Monday and the windmill still isn’t spinning. This blatant negligence has cost Bayonne taxpayers nearly a million dollars — we wonder if anyone will ever be held accountable for this.

The circus tent has an event scheduled finally.  Brace yourselves:  in April, some wrestling matches will be taking place at the MOT. That is right, wrestling matches… don’t believe us? Check out the flyer below. So, if you’re looking for returns on your 1 million dollar investment, be sure to catch “Homicide” take on “Low Ki.” That’s right folks,  head down to Jimmy’s Circus Tent on April 30th… it will be the best million dollars you ever spent.






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